Student Wellness

Resources and Information for Student Well Being (including Covid-19 Information)

Articles (10)

Bored at Home?

Virtual activities for students to participate in

Counseling Center

Specific information on the Counseling Center and the resources they offer

COVID-19 Resources and Self-Reporting Forms

Information on COVID-19 symptoms and testing facilities. Employee & Student self-reporting forms for COVID-19 active cases.

Disability Services

Options for student with disabilities

Do I Need to Quarantine?

Guidelines to know when to quarantine and steps for staying safe at BYU-I should you come in contact with COVID-19.

Health Insurance Info

Information regarding Student Health Insurance

Mental Health Resources & Tips

Contains information on how to cope with changes caused by the coronavirus

Spring 2022 COVID Guidelines

What COVID guidelines will need to be followed for the current semester

Wellness Center

Information on the Wellness Center and Fit4Life