Student Wellness

Resources and Information for Student Well Being (including Covid-19 Information)

Articles (10)

Bored at Home?

Virtual activities for students to participate in

Counseling Center

Specific information on the Counseling Center and the resources they offer

COVID-19 Resources and Self-Reporting Forms

Information on COVID-19 symptoms and testing facilities. Employee & Student self-reporting forms for COVID-19 active cases.

Disability Services

Options for student with disabilities

Do I Need to Quarantine?

Guidelines to know when to quarantine and steps for staying safe at BYU-I should you come in contact with COVID-19.

Fall 2022 COVID Guidelines

What COVID guidelines will need to be followed for the current semester

Health Insurance Info

Information regarding Student Health Insurance

Mental Health Resources & Tips

Contains information on how to cope with changes caused by the coronavirus

Wellness Center

Information on the Wellness Center and Fit4Life