Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course

What is an exception to register for a course?

Sometimes students have special situations where they need to add a course that is already full or may qualify to take a course without the need to take the listed prerequisites or requirements. In these cases, you may request an exception to add a course.

What situations would qualify for an exception?

If you have one of the following situations you could request an exception to add a course. Please note, you may meet the qualifications for an exception, but you are NOT GUARANTEED to receive an exception.

  • Last course needed for Graduation
  • Transfer credits meet the prerequisites

How do I make the request?


  • If you are needing an exception for a Campus Course that you do not qualify for, you will need to contact the instructor of that section directly. The instructor can add you to the class. You can find contact information for campus instructors using the BYUI Employee Directory.
  • Students who are waiting for approval for their course authorization need to contact their instructor. 


  • If you are needing an exception for an Online Course that you do not qualify for, you will need to submit a request for an exception using the Course Authorization Request form. This does not guarantee that you will be given access to add the course, but you will be evaluated based on your need and qualifications for the course and will receive a response about your request within 7 business days. (Online instructors do NOT have the ability to approve or add students to their courses.) You can also contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center at (208) 496-1411 to obtain a Course Authorization form.
  • If you are having technical issues accessing the Course Authorization request form, try clearing your cache using the How to Clear the Cache and Cookies article. If that doesn't solve the issue, wait 24 hours and try again. If that doesn't help, please contact Technology Support using the IT Contact Us page.


  • For updates about an internship, students will need to contact the Internship & Career Services Office. See the Internship webpage for thier contact information.

If you are experiencing other registration issues not listed here, chat in with us through the BYU-Idaho website or Contact BYU-Idaho.

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