Service Catalog

Categories (8)

Forms for Student Records and Registration requests (transcript requests, etc).

Forms for Academic Advising Requests

Audit Request by Student

Forms for Admissions Office requests (tours, deferments, overrides, concurrent enrollment, etc).

Forms for Accounting Services Office requests (failed payments, tuition tax forms, etc.)

Forms for Financial Aid requests (grants and loans)

Forms for Student Housing requests

Forms for campus international student requests

Forms for Student Well-Being requests (COVID-19 reporting and help, complaints and grievances)

Services (8)

General Help Request Form

Need help with a more specific question? Submit a personal request here.

Leave Feedback

Wanting to leave feedback? Submit a form here!

Lost & Found Claim Form

Use this form to inform the university of a missing item that was lost on campus.

Student Tested Positive - Help Request

Have you tested positive for COVID-19? Please fill out this form to inform the university and request assistance.

Student Complaint Form

Students can use this form to file a complaint.

Student Complaint Appeal Request

Students can use this form to request that the decision on a previous complaint be reconsidered.