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Winter 2020

How can I return my textbooks for Winter 2020 semester?

  • Textbook rentals can be returned by mail and must be postmarked before April 14 to avoid being charged a late fee. See the instructions below. 
  • Textbook Buyback has been canceled for Winter semester due to the governor's Stay at Home order. You can sell your books elsewhere if you would like to. If not, you may sell them back during a future book buyback session in July or December. 

How do I return my textbook rentals for Winter 2020 semester?
Rental returns will no longer be accepted at the drop off and must be shipped to the store. Students may still obtain a free shipping label by going to www.byuistore.com/student .

Return Options: 

  • Textbook rentals can be returned by mail and must be postmarked before April 14 to avoid being charged a late fee. Late charges will be applied April 30th. See the instructions below. 
  • You can print a free return shipping label at www.byuistore.com/student to mail in your rented books. This label is only good for 5 days, so do not print it until you are ready to ship your books. To request a free shipping return label, follow these steps:
    • Go to www.byuistore.com/student.
    • Select "Rentals", then the option to print a return label.
      1. Please include a note with your name, I-number, and details about any damage with the return. (A fee may be posted to your student account if rentals are returned damaged.)
    • Please Note: You are only allowed one return label, so you cannot print another one if you lose the return label.
How can I know if the University Store has received the rentals I've shipped in to them?
You can check to see by going to your receipts at byuistore.com/student. If they have been received, you will either find a credit or a buyback receipt for $0 for the checked-in rental. The University Store will not be reaching out to students to notify them upon their receipt of students' rentals. 

Spring 2020

Students are encouraged to order or reserve their books soon so that there's a greater amount of time for the books to be pulled, shipped, and arrive before classes begin!

What are the options for getting textbooks for Spring 2020?

  • Preferred Option: Digital textbooks/materials if available (ie. auto-access, e-books, materials already in I-Learn, etc.) See your Book List to know if a digital option is available for your course.
  • Physical textbooks shipped to your current address. Please be sure to include your current address when placing the reservation/order.
  • Rexburg area only (zip code 83440) -- textbook in-person pick up. This option will only show up if, after filling out most of the information to place a web order online, your address is in the 83440 zipcode! 

How do I purchase my textbooks for Spring 2020 semester?

Textbook Reservations are unavailable for Spring 2020 semester. Course materials will need to be ordered as a web order from the University Store website (click on Textbooks, then Orders). You will have the option to have your materials shipped to you for a flat rate. If you are in the Rexburg zip code 83440, you will have the option towards the end of ordering to pick-up the books from the school. Instructions are included below. E-books can be purchased this way as well. 
Textbook Pick-up for Rexburg Area Orders 
The University Store remains closed and Student Express pick up in the MC has been cancelled. Most students will have to have their materials shipped to them. For Rexburg area students, we are offering a textbook/online order pick up! Pick up will be a streamlined process to continue our efforts to serve the needs of local students while maintaining guidelines for social distancing. 
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
University Store main entrance
  • Watch your BYUI email for a confirmation that your order is ready for pick up. Please do not come until you receive that email!
  • Bring your i-card or order email with you to pick up your textbooks
  • Enter through the main doors of the MC under the Skywalk and check in
  • University Store staff will retrieve your order -- please maintain 6 feet of distance from other customers!

For students not in the Rexburg area:
  • Standard reservation and shipping fees will be applied to the order as it is being processed and shipped (or delivered).
    • There will be a $5 flat shipping charge per order added in addition to the $5 reservation charge, the cost of the books, plus tax.
  • Please email questions to service@byuistore.com
  • Student Express pick up in the MC during move-in days has been cancelled. When reserving books and exercise clothing, reserved materials will be shipped to your home address.
  • Orders submitted by midnight (Mountain Daylight Time) April 11 are most likely to arrive before classes start.
  • Orders placed after April 11 will arrive after the start of spring classes.
How do I return textbooks I don't need for Spring 2020 semester? 
If you have purchased textbooks or supplies and then found you do not need them for Spring semester, returns must be shipped back to the University Store for a refund. Students are responsible for shipping costs. As a note, textbooks and course materials cannot be returned at the textbook pickup location. They can only be shipped in. 
Physical textbooks:
  • Visit the University Store website to print out a return form. 
  • Ship textbooks or supplies with the return form to: 
Web Returns
BYU-Idaho University Store
142 Manwaring Center
Rexburg, ID 83460-0715
  • To receive a full refund, returns must be postmarked by April 28th, 2020
  • Questions: See our return policy or email service@byuistore.com.


  • Most e-books can be refunded 14 days after purchase and if less than 20% of the book has been accessed.
  • No refund is available for books where the access code is opened or exposed.

See the full University Store Return Policy for more details. 

  • If you need further help returning your ebook, feel free to call 208-496-1411 and we'd be happy to get you in touch with a Textbook Specialist who can help! 
Where on the website do I go to order my textbooks and have them shipped?
  • Go to byuistore.com
  • Hover over the "Textbooks" tab
  • Select "Order Books"
  • You can either order your books from the automatic list, or search them manually.
  • Add the books needed to your cart and proceed to checkout. 
What is the benefit of using digital textbooks?
  • Due to recent changes with Spring Semester classes only being available online or remotely, the bookstore has expanded their inventory of digital course materials. The bookstore strongly suggests using a digital version this semester:
    • It’s the quickest and safest way to ensure course materials are available on the first day of class.
    • Digital books cannot be contaminated by COVID-19.
    • Digital books do not need to be returned or shipped back at the end of the semester.
    • With physical textbooks, there is a chance your materials will not arrive by the first day of class.
  • All materials will be updated on the student Book List as well as the Text Express website.
  • If students are enrolled in a course with Auto Access content, those textbooks will already be digitally available in I-Learn.
  • All regular e-books can be found here.
After purchasing an e-book, how do I access its content? 
  • If it's a digital book, you will have received an email with the link to the site where the book is available and a redemption code. If you cannot find this email, log into your account on byuistore.com, go to order tracking at the bottom of the page, and you can find the information there as well. 
  • If it's an access code to content, the code will be emailed to you. 
  • If you cannot find your codes or links after trying these options, please call in at 208-496-1411 and we'll be happy to get you to someone who can re-send you this information. 
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