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Summer Session Parking
What are the campus parking rules during Summer session?
Answer:  During all breaks, parking permits are not required. However, students are still not allowed to park overnight on campus even during these breaks.
​​​​​​​FAFSA Funds Availability

How do I make sure my FAFSA funds will be available by the tuition payment deadline for the Fall semester?
Answer: FAFSA Priority Deadlines for Fall 2021 are July 1st and August 1st, 2021.
July 1st is the deadline to submit your 2021-2022 FAFSA and by August 1st all required documents should be submitted for verification. Students who submit their FAFSA and verification by these priority deadlines can guarantee their eligible aid will release to them the first week of Fall Semester 2021. For additional information see Financial Aid Dates & Deadlines.

Fall 2021 Registration
When can I register for Fall 2021 semester?
Answer: Fall registration will begin on Monday, June 28. To know when your specific registration date is, go to Registration Dates & Deadlines. Your registration date is also posted on your registration portal. For more details see Fall 2021 Semester Registration.

How to Resolve Holds
I have holds on my account and can't register for classes. How do I remove them?
Answer: You can resolve holds in the Holds tab or the Student tab on your BYU-I account. You will need to resolve each hold individually and in some cases, this process requires two steps. Please refer to How to Resolve Holds for a step-by-step. You can also visit Resolve Holds for more information.
Question: How do I get an exception to add a course?
Answer: For information on exceptions to add campus or online courses, see Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course.​​​​​​​
Question: What is Fast Grad (Override)?
Answer: A Fast Grad override is special permission to attend your flex track semester. The Fast Grad program offers students the opportunity to graduate faster by attending BYU-Idaho year-round. Students who meet the criteria are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to discuss their eligibility for Fast Grad. For more information on the Fast Grad program, please go to Fast Grad.