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Health Center Appointment
How do I setup a Student Health Center appointment?
Answer: To schedule an appointment call (208) 496-9330. It is important to be on time. If you are late there will be a $10 charge and the personnel at the Student Health Center might not be able to see you. For more information on how to schedule an appointment as well as other requirements, please consult Appointments.

Past-Due Debt Holds
Question: What is a past-due debt, and how can I get it removed? 
Answer: When you do not pay your tuition before the deadline (one week after the first day of the semester), you will receive a Past Due Debt Hold. For any of the Past Due Debt Holds, before you will be cleared to register (add/drop courses), receive a transcript (official or unofficial), or receive a diploma you will need to pay your balance in full. You will need to pay this account in order for the hold to be removed. For more information, please see Paying Your Past Due Debt.

Class Planning
Question: How do I know what classes to take?​​​​​​​
Answer: You can use the Graduation Planner to plan your classes but you can also schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by calling 208-496-1411.​​​​​​​

BYU-Idaho Transcript
How do I order a BYU-Idaho transcript?​​​​​​​
Answer: To order a transcript, visit Order a BYU-Idaho Transcript and select the button that says "Order Official Transcript".​​​​​​​

Checking if BYU-I Received FAFSA
Question: How do I know when BYU-I has received my FAFSA?​​​​​​​
Answer: If BYU-I has the FAFSA, it will show a "Satisfied" status in your Financial Aid portal. If not, you may have been selected for verification, so check to make sure all documents are submitted that are required.​​​​​​​
Password Reset
How can I reset my BYU-Idaho password?​​​​​​​
Answer: Please refer to the Changing Your BYU-Idaho Password technology help guide. If you still need assistance, please contact IT.​​​​​​​

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