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Question:  How can I get more comfortable with the OneStop portal and understand all of the resources that are available?
Answer: You can learn all the tips and tricks of the OneStop portal at Tips for Using OneStop.

Question: Where can I get technical support for my i-Learn (Canvas) or Zoom questions?
Answer: Visit the BYU-Idaho Tech Guides to see articles on most common technology topics. You can also submit a help request on the IT Services Portal or contact our tech support team by selecting the blue chat bubble at and choosing "Web Chat" and then "Technical Support".
Question: When will I receive my financial aid and how do I apply it to my charges?
Answer: If you met the priority deadline (for more information see Dates and Deadlines), your financial aid should be release to you by the end of the first week of the semester and automatically applied to your student charges. Even though tuition is due on the first day of classes, no late fees will be applied until after the first week of classes. For additional information and most common questions, see Student Finances FAQ. 

Question: How do I see details on the charges of my student account?
Answer: For a step-by-step, see How to view charges in your Account. If you still have specific questions about the charges on your account, feel free to submit an Account Specific Information Request so we can help with your questions. (This form can be found on the BYU-I website by searching "student charges", selecting "Student Financials", and then scrolling down to "Ask Us About Your Charges.")

Question: When will I have access to my online classes in I-Learn?
Answer: You should be able to access your online classes in I-Learn the Saturday before the semester starts.
Question: Where do I pick up my textbooks for Spring 2021 semester?
Answer: Student Express book and class-required materials reservations can be picked up in the Manwaring Center Room 176A. For other textbook information including pickup times, see Textbooks.
Question: How do I get my I-card (student card)?
Answer: For information on reserving and picking up an I-card, see Student-Express.
Question: How do I get my TB Hold removed? How do I get a Tuberculosis (TB) test?
Answer: You will need a Tuberculosis (TB) test in order to get your TB Hold removed. The Student Health Center is available for walk-in TB testing with no appointment needed.
Once your test results are processed and submitted, it can take up two business days for the hold to be removed. For more information on TB Tests, processes, and when they are administered, see Tuberculosis.
If you have submitted test results from an off-campus doctor and do not see the hold removed, please contact the Student Health Center.
Question: Will I need a parking pass for the Spring 2021 semester?
Answer: Parking rules will be enforced starting April 19. Request your parking pass today at Student Express. Parking Passes will be available for pick up through Student Express at the Manwaring Center 176A starting April 16. For more information on parking, see Parking Services.
Question: What is the name/type of covid vaccine offered at the student health center? 
Answer: The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is now available in the Student Health Center for the general population ages 18 and up. To schedule a vaccination appointment, please call 208-496-9330. (Spouses are also included and welcome to receive their vaccination at your appointment.)
Question: What is the deadline to file income taxes for 2021?
Answer: The deadline to file individual income taxes in the United States and Idaho for 2021 has been extended to May 17. For any other state, please check with your state tax agency. For other tax question, please consult your tax preparer.
Question: When is the last day to change my major and still have the new major count or apply for my financial aid for Spring 2021?
Answer: Students must have their Program officially declared for the Spring 2021 semester before 11:59 pm Mountain Time (MT) on April 13, 2021. This means if you are planning on changing your major, you need to do it by this date if you want the new major to be considered for your Spring Semester Financial Aid.
Please note that to receive U.S. federal financial aid (Pell grant and/or federal student loans) a student must meet the program applicability requirements. For a walk-through on how to change your major see How Do I Change My Major?
Question: How Do I Register for Classes?
Answer: For information on how to register for classes as well as what classes should you take, see How to Register.
Question: How do I get an exception to add a course?
Answer: For information on exceptions to add campus or online courses, see Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course.
Question: What student activities are offered at BYU-Idaho?
Answer: BYU-Idaho offers many different activities and events each semester. if you are looking to get involved, volunteer, be a leader, or develop and prepare for your future, check out the many different options available in the following page: Activities & Involvement smiley