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Extra money

Question: How do I get the extra money from my account?
Answer: For a more detailed guide to set up your e-Refund go to How do I enroll in eRefund? e-Refund is a quick and safe way to receive funds into a U.S. checking or savings account. Funds are typically deposited into your designated e-Refund account within 1-3 days.

COVID-19 Symptoms & Test Positive

Question: What to do If I have COVID-19 symptoms and/or test positive?
Answer: Hi Willard, that is a great question! To find more information about exposure protocols or getting a vaccination, see Vaccinations and COVID Safety Protocols.
Related Links: Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates, COVID-19 Testing, Employee COVID-19 Campus Protocol FAQ


Printing on Campus

Question: Are there any printers available for use on campus?
Answer:  For printing options on campus, see Printing Options, and the Printing on Campus section of
 Campus Services and Office Hours.

Opt-out option

Question: I"m an online student who needs to opt out of a textbook but I can't see where to do that.  I already purchased the textbook somewhere else because I kept getting an error for the BYU-I library to purchase it. I know that the instructions say to go to the the Canvas/I-Learn menu but where do I find Canvas/I-Learn on my portal?
Answer: Hi Linda, That is a great question! Auto Access material can be accessed through your course inside of Canvas. See How to view your Auto Access materials. If for some reason you are not seeing your Auto Access material, make sure you turned off your pop-up blocker as this is often the issue. SeeHow to turn off the pop-up blocker. The opt out option is located in I-Learn. See How to Opt-out of Auto Access Material.


Edit personal information

Question: How do i change my Display name on my portal?
Answer: You can find the option to change your name under 'profile' on your old myBYU-I homepage. You can refer to 
Demographic Information Change for a step-by-step tutorial. If you are a BYU-Pathway Online student, you will need to contact BYU-Pathway Support for assistance. You can reach them by selecting the BYU-Pathway Support live chat option at the bottom right of the BYU-Pathway help page.

Paying Tuition
How do I pay my tuition?
Answer: Thank you for reaching out Ricardo! There are a few different ways you can go about it. You could pay online through a personal bank account or using your debit or credit card for a small service fee. You can also pay by cash or check (in person only). For more information on payment options, see Payments. For a step by step to pay your tuition, see How do I Make a Payment.

Tax form

Question: How do I get my tax forms?
Answer: If you are a student looking for your 1098-T that provides information about educational expenses that may qualify you for education-related tax credits, see How can I get my 1098-T Form?.
If you are an employee looking for your W-2 tax forms that are payroll related, see How can I view/print my W-2 online?
If you are a Canadian student looking for your TL11A (which is similar to the 1098-T form), see How can I request a TL11A (Canadian Tax Form)?

When will I get my Financial Aid?
 When will I get my Financial Aid?
Answer: Great question! Financial Aid is disbursed throughout the first week of the semester. See
 Finances Questions for similar questions and Student Finances FAQ for additional information.


Question: Will I have to wear a mask Winter 2022 Semester? 

Answer: As part of COVID-19 and a general health precaution, masks are currently required inside classrooms, in the Fitness Center, at larger gatherings such as devotional, and wherever physical distancing is not possible.

We thank all BYU-Idaho students and employees for observing campus COVID-19 health protocols and for supporting those who choose to continue wearing masks in all settings. We appreciate all efforts to limit and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our community.


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