Registration for Spring 2023


Priority registration for Spring Semester 2023 opened Wednesday March 1. See Registration Dates and Deadlines for more information.



How and when do I register?

How much is tuition?

  • The tuition cost would depend on the student type (Campus, Online, or BYU-Pathway Worldwide student) and the registration option you choose for an individual course. To get the total cost per credit and student type, see Tuition Cost.

What course requisite requirements should I be aware of?

  • Make sure all prerequisites are taken before signing up for upper-level classes.
  • Check if any additional classes need to be taken with a course.
  • Other examples (e.g., majors only, juniors/seniors only, minimum cumulative GPA required, etc)

Can I withdraw from all Spring Semester courses and return at a future date?

  • BYU-Idaho fully supports each student in making personal decisions that align with their individual needs and specific circumstances. 

I accidentally dropped a class. What should I do?

  • If you accidentally drop a course, please fill out the Reinstate Course Request form. (NOTE: If you dropped the course more than 24 hours ago, then you will need to get approval to be reinstated from the instructor before filling out the form. This applies to both online and on-campus students.)
  • BYU-Pathway Online students will need to talk to a BYU-Pathway advisor to be reinstated into their courses.

I am a campus student who is on-track Spring Semester. If I drop all my courses will I need to request a deferment?

  • Yes. If you are on-track Spring Semester and you choose not to enroll, please request a deferment to retain your admission status. 

I am a new student and BYU-Idaho Spring Semester was supposed to be my first semester of enrollment; can I defer my start to Fall Semester instead?

  • If you wish to postpone your enrollment to Fall Semester, please email If you are on the Fall/Winter track, you can use the same email to request an enrollment override to attend Spring.
  • You do not need to defer your assigned start if you take at least one course and are a US Citizen. The enrollment requirement is still satisfied even if you take less than a full-time course load (12 credits). However, taking fewer than 12 credits may impact your financial aid eligibility. For specific questions regarding your aid, contact the Financial Aid Office.

I am an international student; how will my student visa be impacted if I do not register for enough credits? 

  • For information on requirements for International students who are attending on campus, please see Maintain my Status.


For recent questions in regards to registration, see Registration Questions

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