-Outlook: Texting, Faxing, & Delaying
-Sharing Your Inbox with Others
-Reporting Phishing & Junk Emails

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Adding Holidays & Sharing Outlook Calendar

- Adding Holidays to Outlook Calendar
- Sharing an Outlook Calendar

Changing Default Browser

- How to change your computer's default browser
- How to change default browser in the Outlook app

Creating Favorite Folders in Outlook

- Adding a folder to favorites
- Removing a folder from favorites

Email Access Credentials

- Basic information to grant your devices access to the BYU-Idaho email.

How to Manage Blocked/Quarantined Messages

- Receiving messages from the Quarantine team with different options
- Reviewing Quarantined Emails
- Editing Quarantine Settings

Outlook Email Forwarding

- Enabling email forwarding in Outlook
- Keeping a copy of forwarded messages

Outlook Mail Space

- What to check when you are close to reaching your storage limit

Outlook Signatures on Windows

- Creating an email signature
- Automatically adding a signature to messages

Outlook: Texting, Faxing, & Delaying

- Texting from Email
- Faxing from Email
- Delaying Email

Reporting Phishing & Junk Emails

- This article explains the procedure for reporting potential phishing emails to the CESSOC
- From the Outlook Webapp (accessed through your BYU-Idaho account)
- From the Outlook Desktop App app on PC (installed and accessed on your desktop computer)
- From the Outlook Desktop App on Mac (installed and accessed on your desktop computer)

Sharing Your Inbox with Others

- Use this article if you would like someone else to also be the recipient of your Outlook emails

Sharing Your Outlook Calendar and Adding Delegates

- Sharing your electronic calendar
- Who to share with
- Accessing a shared folder
- Delegates