Zoom Recordings

If you choose to record a Zoom meeting to the cloud, your recording will be stored in BYU-Idaho’s video sharing platform, MediaSpace (a.k.a Kaltura). They are accessible through My Media in Canvas and on video.byui.edu. Shortly after finishing your recording, you will receive an email that looks like this:

Email for My Media

How to Get a Shareable Link

1. Log into your Canvas account and select "My Media" on the left side of the screen.

2.  Click on the title of the Zoom recording you want to share

3.  Click Actions

4.  Click Edit

  • If you are zoomed in or your window is not maximized, this edit option will not appear. Please make sure your window is maximized (taking up the whole screen) for this step.

5.  Click on the Share icon in the top right of the video screen. It will give you a sharable link.

6.  Highlight the link and select copy (do not select copy image).

You now have a link that you can send to whoever you are sharing it with. 

Downloading Zoom Recordings from My Media

Follow these steps to download your Zoom recordings.

1. Go to “My media” in Canvas. Find the video that you want to download. Click on “ACTIONS” and then select “Edit.” 

Canvas Action to Edit

2. Click on the download icon in the top right corner of the video.

Dowload Icon

3. It will navigate to play the video. Click the three dots in the bottom right.

Three dot icon

4. Select “Download.” A pop up will appear at the bottom of your page with your downloaded file.

Download video

Embedding a Zoom Recording into a Discussion Board

There are two ways to embed a zoom recording into a discussion board.

The first way is to use the "Embed from my media (Kaltura)" option.

1. Open discussion board and start your reply post.

2. Click the Kaltura button (looks like a colorful sun).

3. Locate your recording in the pop up, and click "embed".

The second way is to use the embed link in your my media recording.

1. In Canvas, open the "My Media" tab.

2. Locate your recording you wish to share, open by clicking the name of the video.

3. In the Share tab below the video, copy the embed link.

4. Open the desired discussion board and start your reply post.

5. In the bottom right, click the "</>" symbol.

6. Click "enter" on your keyboard to start a new line of code. Paste your Embed link.

7. Click "reply", your video is now embedded in your post.


How to Share Screen in Zoom Recording

To make sure that your shared screen is shown in the zoom recording:

1. Go to byui.zoom.us (not the application) and click "Account"

2. Go to "Settings" on the left then "Recording" in the top navigation

3. Then under "Cloud Recording" select from the first 3 options of how you would like your shared screen recorded.

  1. If you want only the current active speaker recorded with the shared screen, select "Record active speaker with shared screen
  2. If you want everyone visible (gallery view), along with the shared screen, make sure that "Record gallery view with shared screen" is checked.
  3. "Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately" will record each of these seperately (so the gallery view or speaker will not be layered on top of the shared screen, like the in the previous options). This allows the recording viewer to switch between a view of the shared screen and participants.

Other Resources

  1. If you want to give someone else access to edit and publish the video, click here.
  2. For more questions about MyMedia, click here to access the Kaltura Knowledge Center.

Other Resources for Faculty

 These links work for instructors, but not for students. Please refer to their section for more information.

Here are some articles from the Online Community to help you with Kaltura:

  1. Using Kaltura - Video Management System
  2. Kaltura - Share video with link
  3. Kaltura - Share video with embed code
  4. Download Media


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