Wireless Printing with Pharos Print

 Employees using BYU-Idaho provided computers should call (208) 496-1411 to request getting wireless print connections added to their BYU-Idaho provided computer (so that the correct Department associated print connections can be made).

Pharos Print is a website/app that allows you to upload documents from a computer or mobile device to the printing system server. The documents can then be printed from any print release station on campus. 

For a complete list of the locations of print stations, see the article Printer Types, Locations, & Software.

All printers require you to use your I-Card to release and pay for prints. To add money to your I-Card, see the article Adding Money to Your I-Card.

Pharos print using a laptop or desktop computer

1. Navigate to the Pharos Print Center. (You can bookmark the page for future reference.) 

2. Log in using your BYU-Idaho username and password.

3. Click the Upload button. 

4. Select your document, then check the box next to the document and use Print Options to change document characteristics: 

  • Color (black-and-white/color) 
  • Sides (double-sided/single-sided) 
  • Pages per side (1 or 2) 
  • Copies (number of copies) 

5. Log into one of the print releases stations on campus to print your document. See below for instructions on how to use the print release stations. 


Pharos print using an iPhone or Android mobile device

Mobile Print does not provide an option to print only certain pages out of a multiple-page document. 

1. Install the Pharos Printer App from the Play Store or App Store

2. Open the Pharos Print App.

3. Enter webprint.byui.edu as the Server and 443 as the Port when prompted.

4. Sign in using your BYU-Idaho username and password.

5. Tap Upload in the Pharos Print app and select the document you wish to print.

Since all models of Android or Apple devices have different file managing navigation, browse through your phone and tap the document to print it.


How to use print release stations

1. After sending your document to the printing server, sign into a print release station Press "Sign In" on the top left and use your school credentials or by swiping your I-Card with the card reader attached to the print station screen.

Not all print release stations have a manual log in, have your I-Card ready.

The screen will look like the following:

Copy cards are no longer valid with this update. Staff and faculty members must use their I-Card to print and make copies.

2. Once logged in, the print station screen will show options for Print Release, Copy, Scan to Email, Scan to USB Drive, and Print from Job Storage. Select Print Release to print the documents you uploaded previously.

3. On the Print Release page, select Print All to print all the uploaded documents, or individually select the documents you want to print and then select Print. Your I-Card balance will be listed at the top left of the screen, and the cost of printing will be listed at the bottom right.

4. To charge print and copies to your department rather than your independent I-Card account, select Account on the Print Release page. This will open a page where you can select the account you want to charge—either your personal account or your department's code. If you already have a department attached to your account, you may see a page that lists the accounts rather than the option to input a code.

5. If you want to check which account is being charged, select the speech bubble in the top right corner. This will open a page where you can view the code of the account being used.

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