Creating Favorite Folders in Outlook

The Favorites section of Outlook, located at the top of the Navigation Panel, contains shortcuts to folders such as your Inbox, Sent Items, and Search Folders. You can add, remove, and arrange folders in this section in order to access your mail folders more easily.

When a folder is added to Favorites, a shortcut is created; however, the folder and its contents remain at their original location in the folder list. Removing a folder from Favorites does not delete the folder or the contents - it removes only the shortcut that appears in Favorites.

Adding a folder to favorites

1. Locate the folder that you want to add to Favorites, then right-click it. 


2. In the drop-down menu that appears, select Add to Favorites

add to favorites

 Collapse and expand the Favorites section by clicking the black or white arrow next to Favorites. A collapsed Favorites section allows you to see more of your mail folders in the Navigation Pane. If you do not want to use the Favorites section, you can turn it off.


Removing a folder from favorites

1. Go into your Favorites folder. 


2. Locate the folder that you want to remove, then right-click it. 

3. In the drop-down menu that appears, select Remove from Favorites

 Make sure that you remove folders from Favorites rather than delete them entirely. Removing a folder takes the folder from Favorites without deleting it and its contents. Deleting a folder from Favorites deletes the folder and its contents completely.

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