-Saving Zoom Recordings to OneDrive
-How to Login to Zoom Using SSO
-How to Migrate Videos from Zoom to Kaltura

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Combatting Zoombombing

- In this article, you can learn what steps you can take to protect your meetings from Zoombombers
- Get a new meeting ID
- Add a password
- Require authentication
- Create a waiting room
- Turn off "Join Before Host"
- Disable screen share
- If someone successfully Zoombombs your meeting

How do I Access/Share a Zoom Recording from MyMedia?

- Accessing and Sharing Recordings for Campus Faculty
- Accessing and Sharing Recordings for Online Adjunct Instructors
- Accessing and Sharing Recordings for Students

How to Login to Zoom Using SSO

- This article guides you on how to sign into your Zoom account with the Single Sign On (SSO)
- SSO is important because it gives you more benefits through the school compared to the free version

Saving Zoom Recordings to OneDrive

- In this article you will find instructions on how to set OneDrive as the default storage of your zoom recodings

Zoom Waiting Rooms

- Zoom update on waiting room filters

Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I share a recording from Zoom?
- Where do I find the recording in Zoom?
- How long does it take for a recording to show up in MyMedia from Zoom?
- Can I submit a recording from Zoom in Canvas for an assignment?
- Why should I login with single sign-on for Zoom?
- Do browser extensions work with Zoom and MyMedia?
- Are there any conflicts with antivirus software with Zoom and MyMedia?
- What could happen if I get a virus or malware?