Help Guides

-Self-help guides for BYUI technology and software
-Curated, verified, and tailored for all BYUI students and employees

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Student Resources

-Help guides for students
-Most common issues

2-Factor Authentication

-2FA with DUO Mobile
-DUO Setup

Campus Devices


Classroom Technology

-Hardware (Mouse, keyboard, etc.)

BYUI Software

-Canvas, I-Plan, Portfolium, Adobe, VDI
-Equella, Feith, Zoom, VPN, McGraw-Hill
-G-Suite, Proctorio, Mac Bootcamp


-Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Teams
-Info about support
-How to access these tools


-Setting up

Wi-Fi & Wired Network

-Connecting, troubleshooting, and using Wi-Fi
-How to create Visitor accounts


-Anti-virus information
-Preventing security threats
-Password protection

Retiree, Alumni, & Missionary Accounts

-Information about retiree and alumni system access (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)
-Access for missionaries
-Who to call for issues


-Pathway Connect Login
-Pathway Worldwide Login

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

-Common questions about IT systems, issues, etc
-General tech questions

Remote Work Resources

-Admin/Staff Resources & FAQ's
-Student Resources & FAQ's
-Remote Security FAQ's