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Online Course Authorization (Requested by Student)

This form is to petition for an exception to the university tuition refund policy. You must have OFFICIALLY dropped your course(s) during the semester for which you are petitioning. BYU-Idaho does not drop courses for nonpayment or nonattendance. Refunds cannot be given for courses in which students have recorded grades. Petitions must be submitted within one year of original tuition assessment. Please submit this petition with all supporting documentation. Incomplete petitions and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered.

This form will be used by students who would like to take an online course, but need an authorization for that course.

Request help for issues with I-Plan or Grad Plan.

Request Unavailable 1098-T

Zoom Issues

Request support for your BYU-Idaho account login.

The Reports, Research, Solutions, and Systems Specialist (R2S2) supports the entire BSC Organization by collecting data and running reports on the information we gather from our phone, live chat, and e-mail agents. These reports are used to help the BSC and its partners know what issue(s) students and organizations are experiencing. An R2S2 employee will research and present different options to solve these concerns. Research can extend into subjects we would like to explore and proposals for possible improvements. This position requires 15 - 20 hours of work and reports to the Business Solutions manager.

This service is used to find course participation for a student.The requestor is set as SRR Registration.

Request support for any device that is located in a classroom, lab, or conference room.

Request repairs, changes, or additions to your desktop phone or fax machine.

Request support for a BYU-Idaho issued employee computer/laptop.

On-Campus Approval

Request a new online Webinar hosted by Zoom.

Request support on a printing machine on-campus.

Request access to BYU-Idaho's VPN.

This form is to report a technical issue with I-Plan.

Request support for Office 365 issues. (Including, but not limited to, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)

Request training for TeamDynamix at td.byui.edu or any desired changes you would like to make to TeamDynamix or Other Applications.

Request for all cellular issues if you have a plan with the University. If there are any questions regarding this request, a Cellular Representative will be in touch with you. PLEASE VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF ALL INFORMATION AS RESOLUTION IS DEPENDENT ON THIS.