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(Centre Square) Storage Request Form

This service is for Centre Square residents who will be requesting to store their items in Building 1 or Building 3 Student Storage.

(Housing) Centre Square Maintenance Request

This service will be used to allow Centre Square residents to submit work orders to management.

(Housing) CS Volunteer Sign Up Form

This form is to be filled out by those that are applying to be a volunteer at Centre Square.

Break Contract Form

This form is for any current or prospective resident who wishes to purchase a Break contract at Centre Square. By completing this form, you are essentially signing a Break contract and will be responsible for the charge to occupy your apartment.

Centre Square Inventory Form

This is the inventory form that all residents must submit within 48 hours of check ins.

Centre Square Promotional Discount Request

This form is for all Centre Square residents who would like to request and apply a discount to one of their future contracts.

Check out Information

Resources for Centre Square residents for the current semester.

COVID-19 Related Contract Cancellation Fall 2020

If you have received this form, then you have requested to have your Centre Square contract cancelled past the official cancellation date (July 12). Before submitting this form, you should have already posted your contract for sale online. In order for your request to be considered, a reasonable effort must be made by the resident to sell their contract. Your request may take 5-7 business days to allow time for a committee to review and make a decision regarding the status of contract.

At this time, we will allow students to “roll” their contract to another semester as an alternate option to cancellation. This means you can have your contract moved to another future semester (Winter or Spring 2021). If your request is denied, your other options will be to either sell the contract or “roll” to a future semester.

In any case, you must make a reasonable attempt to sell your own contract before completing this form.

Early Move-In Request

This form is a request to move in early.