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Services or Offerings?

This is an anonymous training survey. Please fill this out after you have completed your training. We hope to use this data to continue to improve our current and future trainings. Thank you!

This service will allow Centre Square residents to request a parking pass for their guest visiting them at Centre Square.

This service is for Centre Square residents who will be requesting to store their items in Building 1 or Building 3 Student Storage.

Centre Square is organizing a White Elephant gift exchange on Friday, December 1st, at 7:00 PM in Building 3's Main Lounge, where participants are required to sign up by Thursday, using the provided link.

This service will be used to allow Centre Square residents to submit work orders to management.

This form is to be filled out by those that are applying to be a volunteer at Centre Square.

This form is used for checking in participants of the Housing Fair.

Click "submit" below to be accounted for the meeting

Complete this form to checkout a bedding pack.

This form is for any current or prospective resident who wishes to purchase a Break contract at Centre Square. By completing this form, you are essentially signing a Break contract and will be responsible for the charge to occupy your apartment.

This is how to sign up to request a parking spot over the break.