Centre Square Promotional Discount Request

General Guidelines for Receiving Discount
  • Discounts will be applied at the beginning of each contract term.
  • Discounts cannot be "stacked." You are permitted one discount and will be granted the discount which allows you the most savings if you meet the qualifications.
  • This form must be completed by check-in day in order for the promotional discount to be applied.
Current Discount Offers

The following discounts are currently available: 

Referral discount

  • Start form to see current discount amounts. 
  • Unlimited: This discount has no limit.
  • Discount form must be filled out prior to the contract start date.
  • If a referral cancels or does not come to Centre Square, the discount will be invalid for the requester.
  • Only one person can receive a discount for a referred person. 
  • The person referred must be brand new to Centre Square (no prior contract).
  • Each person (both the referrer and the one who was referred) will receive a discount if both fill out the form.

Student Employee discount (Housing and Student Living/University Operations only) 


  • 20% off of any standard contract price 


  • This discount form must be completed for every semester the discount is to be applied. 
  • Discount form must be filled out prior to the contract start date.
  • Must be employed on the first day of the contract. 
  • Discount will be applied within the first week of the contract start date.   
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