Tuition Refund Exception Petition

This form is to petition for an exception to the university tuition refund policy.  You must have OFFICIALLY dropped your course(s) you are petitioning for during the semester for which you are petitioning.  BYU-Idaho does not drop courses for nonpayment or nonattendance.  Refunds cannot be given for courses in which students have recorded grades. Petitions must be submitted within one year of original tuition assessment.  Please submit this petition with all supporting documentation.  Incomplete petitions and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered.

Supporting Documentation

The burden of proof rests with the student to submit documentation of circumstances that prevented the student from adhering to the BYU-Idaho policies. All statements in the petition MUST be documented. This documentation may include, but is not limited to the following:

Death of an immediate family member:

a. Certificate of death or obituaries listing relationship to deceased individual
b. Immediate family is defined as spouse, sibling, children, and/or parents

Medical condition requiring extended medical care where continuing school is impractical. (This provision specifically excludes conditions or chronic illnesses that remain static and are known to the student at the time of enrollment) Statement from the physician or hospital on official letterhead that provides:

a. Date the medical condition was diagnosed
b. Dates of treatment
c. Dates of hospitalization or confinement, recuperation period, release from treatment.
d. How this condition affected your university attendance
e. Please do not submit medical bills or insurance claims.

Acceptance of a qualifying internship after the Registration Deadline:

a. Internship must show on class schedule. Submit screenshot of class schedule.

Military deployment or military commitments:

a. Military orders if the student’s military unit was activated and deployed during the semester.
b. Other official legal documents that substantiate the inability to participate in courses during the semester due to the deployment or military commitments.
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