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Submit advertising and marketing items for approval.

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Content Submission - Campus Email (Advisory & Feed)

Form used to submit content for the Advisory and the Feed.

Content Submission - DSN

Form used to submit content to the Digital Signage Network (DSN) on campus.

Content Submission - DSN for Crossroads Stage Broadcast

Form used to submit ads to play during Crossroads Stage events.

Content Submission - Texting

Form used to submit content to be texted to students when approved by the texting council.

DSN Player Location Request

Form used to request new Digital Signage locations or to request special services.

Online Student Update

Form used to submit content for the Online Student Update that is sent every other Thursday.

Public Campus Tour Request

If your tour group has any prospective students, newly admitted students or would like a virtual tour please visit this site.
All tour requests need to have 2 business day advanced notice or we will not be able to schedule your tour.

Search Engine Optimization Help

We can help evaluate new or existing webpages to help making them easier to find in Google Search, Maps, and more.

Shorter url request form for urls

Please allow 1 to 2 business days to complete this process.

Student Video Request

This service is for students who wish to shoot a video on campus.