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zoom acct

I am rying to log into my byui zoom acct and it won't let me. I used it last semester and now I can no longer access it
1 Answer
Teresa Nielsen Last activity on 4/24/2024 8:04:54 AM by Rebecca Theis

How to upload a video to assignment using my media

I need help uploading a video to an assignment using my media. Could you help me out?
1 Answer
Rachel Braga Last activity on 1/30/2024 4:44:58 PM by Jacob Hamm

Sound on recordings

How do I get the sound on videos used in my zoom recording to work.
1 Answer
Deisha McMurray Last activity on 10/19/2023 4:07:28 PM by Rebecca Theis

Zoom Cloud Recordings

How can I find my Zoom Cloud Recordings? When I go to my Zoom account it says, "Your IT admin has disabled the access to your recordings page, you can contact IT admin for more details".
1 Answer
Cody Murdock Last activity on 6/12/2023 4:36:14 PM by Cody Murdock