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How can I find my Zoom Cloud Recordings? When I go to my Zoom account it says, "Your IT admin has disabled the access to your recordings page, you can contact IT admin for more details".

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Asked by Cody Murdock on Thu 6/8/23 4:15 PM Last edited Wed 8/9/23 1:20 PM
Hope someone is able to help. How to remove a private zoom icloud recording presentation in my media so I am able to have my classmates click on the link to see it? - Moana Salazar/Te'o Tue 2/13/24 10:05 AM
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Ron Vallejo Mon 6/12/23 4:36 PM

Hi Cody, here is a helpful Knowledge Base article, titled "How do I Access/Share a Zoom Recording from MyMedia?," which provides step-by-step instructions for users requiring access to their Zoom Cloud Recordings

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