Popular Services

This service is for on campus students who would like to attend their off-track semester. (This form will not defer a semester)

This form will be used by students who would like to take an online course, but need authorization for that course.

This form is to petition for an exception to the university tuition refund policy. You must have OFFICIALLY dropped your course(s) during the semester for which you are petitioning. BYU-Idaho does not drop courses for nonpayment or nonattendance. Refunds cannot be given for courses in which students have recorded grades. Petitions must be submitted within one year of original tuition assessment. Please submit this petition with all supporting documentation. Incomplete petitions and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered.

For international BYU-I students requesting their deposit to be refunded.

This service is for Centre Square residents who will be requesting to store their items in Building 1 or Building 3 Student Storage.

This is the inventory form that all residents must submit within 48 hours of check ins.

This form is for all Centre Square residents who would like to request and apply a discount to one of their future contracts.

Resources for Centre Square residents for the current semester.

Form used to submit content to the Digital Signage Network (DSN) on campus.

This service is for students to request a short-term loan when aid has been delayed.

Form used to submit content for the Advisory and the Feed.

Please select your reason for visiting the Financial Aid Office.