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Online Course Authorization (Requested by Student)

Request support on a printing machine on-campus.

This service is for on campus students who would like to override for a semester.

Request remote desktop access to either a server or desktop on campus.

You will have 5 calendar days to fill out your petition and submit it. Please make sure it is in final form with any attachments you would like the committee to review. You will not be able to make changes once it is submitted. When you submit your filled out petition, our office will send it to your sponsor for review. Your sponsor will be invited to make additional comments. They will have 5 calendar days to review and make comments. After 5 calendar days, the sponsor will no longer be able to see your petition request or make comments. Your petition will then move forward for committee review. It may take up to 2 weeks for your final response from committee review.

Based on your yes/no answer to various questions, additional dropdown questions will appear below.

This is for Auxiliary Services IT

The Processing Specialist mainly processes and manages Online Course Authorizations for the University. Online course authorizations are how students request permission to add online courses that require special approval. It is the processing specialist’s duty to review, respond, and manually authorize these requests. Other duties include recognizing and correcting errors on tickets that have been collected in the Simple Errors reports. This position requires 15 - 20 hours of work per week and reports to the Business Solutions’ project manager.

Request service to the CVN (Campus Video Network) system.

Please use this form to request access to Jabber and to be enable to receive and place phone calls off-campus.

Form used to submit content for the Online Student Update that is sent every other Thursday.

Request assistance with logging into or managing accounts within iSeries.

This is for service issues with Fusion. Fusion is the software that authorizes access to the Hart exercise room.

This is to request an Integration with SSO and another site.