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(BSC) Training Satisfaction Survey

This is an anonymous training survey. Please fill this out after you have completed your training. We hope to use this data to continue to improve our current and future trainings. Thank you!

(Centre Square) Christmas Break Contract

This form is for any current or prospective resident who wishes to purchase a Christmas Break contract at Centre Square. By completing this form, you are essentially signing a Christmas Break contract and will be responsible for the $198.00 charge to occupy your apartment any time between 12/16/2021 and 1/3/2022.

(Centre Square) Guest Parking Permit Request

This service will allow Centre Square residents to request a parking pass for their guest visiting them at Centre Square.

(Centre Square) Inventory Forms

This Inventory Form is for all Centre Square residents checking in.

(Centre Square) Package Opt-Out Request

This service allows residents to request to opt-out of packages being delivered to the door.

(Centre Square) Storage Request Form

This service is for Centre Square residents who will be requesting to store their items in Building 1 or Building 3 Student Storage.

(Housing) Centre Square Maintenance Request

This service will be used to allow Centre Square residents to submit work orders to management.

(Housing) CS Volunteer Sign Up Form

This form is to be filled out by those that are applying to be a volunteer at Centre Square.

*Scheduling Request - Print Ads

Form used to schedule print ads for distribution on campus. (11x17 Posters are self-distributed at approved locations.)


Admissions Contact Us

A service for students to use to leave Admissions-related feedback

Advising Online Course Authorizations

This form is used for advisers and departments to request online course authorizations for students.

B Custom Search Results

BYU-Idaho Feedback

BYU-Idaho Support Center Employee Reflection Form

This form is for the BSC employees to share insights, feedback and improvement ideas about the BSC to the BSC leadership. **Please note that all feedback is appreciated and will be reviewed, but it is simply not feasible to implement all of the feedback we get. Thanks!


Campus Tour Request


Request for all cellular issues if you have a plan with the University. If there are any questions regarding this request, a Cellular Representative will be in touch with you. PLEASE VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF ALL INFORMATION AS RESOLUTION IS DEPENDENT ON THIS.

Centre Square- Mandatory Checkout Meeting

Resources for Centre Square residents for the current semester.

Centre Square Promotional Discount Request

This form is for all Centre Square residents who would like to request and apply a discount to one of their future contracts.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance

Cisco Phone Issues

Commit to Be Fit

This ticket is for all employees and/or spouses to record their minutes exercised. Please record your minutes exercised per day, or if you would rather, you can record your total minutes per week. You can always record past Commit to be Fit minutes. Please use only your BYU-Idaho email if your are an employee. Spouses may use their personal emails.

Comprehensive Review

A full review of a new or redeveloped course, done in two stages:
Stage 1: Standards Review and Student Review.
Stage 2: Copyright check and a full copyedit of the course.
(If you desire a full review of any course that is NOT new or recently redeveloped, please select the "Special Review" option instead.)

Content Submission - Campus Email

Form used to submit content for the Advisory and the Feed.

Content Submission - DSN

Form used to submit content to the Digital Signage Network (DSN) on campus.

Content Submission - Web Ads

Form used to submit web ads for the BYU-Idaho web site. (Only submissions from University Relations are accepted at this time.)

COVID-19 Related Contract Cancellation Fall 2020

If you have received this form, then you have requested to have your Centre Square contract cancelled past the official cancellation date (July 12). Before submitting this form, you should have already posted your contract for sale online. In order for your request to be considered, a reasonable effort must be made by the resident to sell their contract. Your request may take 5-7 business days to allow time for a committee to review and make a decision regarding the status of contract.

At this time, we will allow students to “roll” their contract to another semester as an alternate option to cancellation. This means you can have your contract moved to another future semester (Winter or Spring 2021). If your request is denied, your other options will be to either sell the contract or “roll” to a future semester.

In any case, you must make a reasonable attempt to sell your own contract before completing this form.

Current Page Builder Component Issues or Errors

Please submit any bugs or issues that you are having with any existing Pagebuilder components.


DSN Location Request

Form used to request new Digital Signage locations or to request special services.


ECI Fix / Improvement Request

Employee COVID-19 Form


Financial Aid Accounting Form

This form is used to send level 2 issues to Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Check-In

Please select your reason for visiting the Financial Aid Office.


Google Business Listing



Improvement Review

A review of all course components that were changed/updated during an Improvement project.
A Student Review only.
(If major changes were made throughout the entire course, a basic Improvement Review may not be sufficient. If a full review of the course is necessary, please select a "Special Review" instead and under "Desired Review Components," please note that you wish to have a full review done.)

Incomplete Contract Request

Please be sure to fill this form out completely. After a form is submitted, the information will be sent to Student Records and Registration and Course Improvement to begin the incomplete process. An incomplete contract typically takes 2-3 business days to process.

International Deposit Refund Request

For international BYU-I students requesting their deposit to be refunded.

International Office - Financial Petition Request

You will have 5 calendar days to fill out your petition and submit it. Please make sure it is in final form with any attachments you would like the committee to review. You will not be able to make changes once it is submitted. When you submit your filled out petition, our office will send it to your sponsor for review. Your sponsor will be invited to make additional comments. They will have 5 calendar days to review and make comments. After 5 calendar days, the sponsor will no longer be able to see your petition request or make comments. Your petition will then move forward for committee review. It may take up to 2 weeks for your final response from committee review.


Lost & Found Auction Survey


Mandatory Student Living Meeting

This service is for Centre Square residents viewing their Student Living meeting for the semester.



One-Lesson Review

A review done during the development semester, to provide early feedback on one lesson or one course component.
A Student Review only.

Online Course Authorization (Requested by Student)

This form will be used by students who would like to take an online course, but need an authorization for that course.

Online Student Update

Form used to submit content for the Online Student Update that is sent every other Thursday.

Override Request Form

This service is for on campus students who would like to override for a semester.


Page Builder New Component Request Form

Propose your ideas for a new component to be considered for development in Pagebuilder.

Page Builder Training Article Suggestions

Request adjustments to Page Builder training articles if they are incorrect, could include some additional clarification, or you would like a new article created about Page Builder or Ingeniux.

Pilot Maintenance

Please use this form to submit fixes/improvements to your assigned designer. We will keep in contact throughout the lifecycle of your request. Thank you!

Public Campus Tour Request


Request Unavailable 1098-T

Request Unavailable 1098-T

Roommate COVID-19 Form


Search Engine Optimization Help

We can help evaluate new or existing webpages to help making them easier to find in Google Search, Maps, and more.

Shorter url request form for urls

Please allow 1 to 2 business days to complete this process.

Special Review

A customizable review of a currently-running course (or a course with special circumstances).
Use this form to request any individual review task or to build your own review (e.g., a Student Review and a copyedit, just a copyedit, just a Standards and Student Review, or a complete, full review).
(For an initial review of a new or redeveloped course, please select "Comprehensive Review" instead.)

SRR Contact Us

Standard Pilot

Student Tested Positive - Help Request

Have you tested positive for COVID-19? Please fill out this form to inform the university and request assistance.

Student Video Request

This service is for students who wish to shoot a video on campus.


Test - Power BI

Test Survey for Power BI
Display all types of attributes and return values in Power BI.

Texting Feedback

Tuition Refund Exception Petition

This form is to petition for an exception to the university tuition refund policy. You must have OFFICIALLY dropped your course(s) during the semester for which you are petitioning. BYU-Idaho does not drop courses for nonpayment or nonattendance. Refunds cannot be given for courses in which students have recorded grades. Petitions must be submitted within one year of original tuition assessment. Please submit this petition with all supporting documentation. Incomplete petitions and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered.


Usability Review


Voc Rehab

This form should be used by Accounting Services work with financial aid on providing estimates, and actual Voc Rehab money received.