Mandatory Student Living Meeting

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After watching the Student Living Video with your roommates, take the quiz below so that your attendance will be counted.

If you do not attend, your manager will reach out to you to meet with your apartment. 

What is Student Living?

Student Living is a model that influences the way we live to establish gospel-centred lives. It consists of three guiding principles; Love, Shared Responsibility & Mutual Respect.

What are the principles of Student Living?

The three principles of Student Living are: 

1. Love- love for God and love for neighbor.

2. Shared Responsibility- roommates are their brother's keeper?

3. Mutual Respect- roommates live the Golden Rule.

What is an Apartment Council?

An apartment council is a set apart time where you and your roommates meet together to council on apartment needs. It is an opportunity to celebrate successes, and address potential or current frustrations. It is important that everyone is humble and willing to respect their roommates during a council, and feedback is given in love.

Why does it matter? 

Conflict is going to arise at some time during your time at BYU-Idaho. Most likely, there will be things that your roommates will do that will frustrate you. Student Living provides you with the necessary tools for building deep and lasting relationships with those around you. As you learn, practice and consistently live the principles of Student Living, you will be able to use them for any situation in which conflict may arise. Whether it be with a future spouse, co-workers, or friends, the principles of Student Living are eternal and help to create a culture of Zion wherever you may be.

How can I learn more about Student Living? 

There are many resources available to you to learn more about Student Living. Here are a few: 

1. Student Living Guidebook 

2. Student Living Videos

3. Student Living Lessons

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