Graduation Planner

What is the Graduation Planner?

The Grad Planner is an online tool directly linked to the student's Degree Audit, making it easy to see which classes to take and when to take them. Planning helps you graduate in a more efficient time manner. 


The purpose of the Graduation Planner is to help you graduate in an efficient and timely manner. You will know exactly what classes to take, when to take them and you will be aware of any pre-requisites needed in order to graduate on time. 

  • Students must submit their grad plan for review and have an "Approved" graduation plan before applying for graduation. It is wise for students to do this beforehand to ensure they are taking all required courses to fulfill graduation requirements.


  • Graduation Planner: Sometimes Grad Plan has some issues with graduation requests and you might get an error message. Feel free to apply for graduation on the Application Checklist or send an email to so they can make the request for you, this is for both online or on-campus students. 
  • If you accidentally deleted your grad plan, there is no way to recover it. 


Graduation Planner FAQ

For step-by-step tutorials on using Graduation Planner, see the I-Plan Help Guides.

If you would like to meet with an advisor, you can do so by following the steps to create your own advising appointment or contacting BYU-Idaho.

What is I-Plan? 

  • I-Plan is an online tool for academic planning at BYU-Idaho that comes with a lot of benefits. With I-Plan you can identify your level of preparation for university-level courses, identify a major that will lead you to the career of your choice, review goals and activities tailored to your specific major, as well as explore other professional options. There are many more features that make I-Plan a very helpful tool for students in their personal path to success. To learn more about I-Plan please check out I-Plan. 

Is I-Plan the same as Grad Plan? 

  • No, I-Plan is the platform and Grad Plan is a tool to plan your classes. 

I will graduate next semester and have already submitted my graduation application. Am I still required to fill out a Grad Plan?

  • No, it isn't required unless you are trying to remove a HIGH credit hold.

Should I meet with an advisor to help with planning in the Grad Planner?

  • Yes: Questions on class planning, which courses to take, removing a hold, errors in the Graduation Planner, etc. 
  • No: General questions on graduation planner, alternate plans, majors, minors, clusters and/or instructions found in I-Plan Help Guides.

I have started using the Grad Planner and cannot find classes I've taken or am required to take.

  • The Grad Planner will show courses that are in your degree audit. If there are classes that do not show up on your degree audit you can add a required course or an elective using the I-Plan Help Guides.
  • Transfer credits and non BYU-Idaho credits may take 24-48 hours to process update and in the system. 

I would like some additional help using Grad Planner.


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