Requesting or Accessing Department Emails

This tutorial will guide you through asking for and/or setting up a shared email account for your department. Before you request a new address, use the chart below to determine whether a shared mailbox, a distribution list, or an Office 365 Group will best fit your needs. 

  Shared Mailbox Distribution List Office 365 Group
Multiple Recipients No/Multiple Users Yes Yes
Threaded Conversations Yes No Yes
Creation/Management IT Required IT Required Self-Service
Nestability No  Yes No
Searchable History and Context Yes No Yes
Public by Default Yes No Yes
Calendar Yes No Yes
OneNote No No Yes
Files No  No  Yes

If you still need to request a Shared (Department) Mailbox after having looked at the 3 options above, read on.

Request a new department mailbox

To request a new department mailbox, fill out the Mailbox Request Form.


Department Mailbox Permissions

Have your supervisor give you the appropriate role and permissions within  Role Manager in order to access a mailbox. Being an administrator of the role will not give you permission to access a mailbox, instead a user (including supervisors and other role administrators) must be added to the role in order to access the mailbox. Keep in mind these requested changes may take up to 3 hours to take effect.


Outlook web access

1. Select the Email tab after signing in at

2. Select your user profile icon in the top-right corner of the window. 

outlook email

3. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Open another mailbox

open another mailbox

4. Enter the department email address. Select Open.

another mailbox

New Outlook desktop Client

Note: These steps apply to both the web and app versions of Outlook

1. Log into Outlook with the account that has access to the shared email.

2. Right click on your email address (or "Folders" if you don't see your email in the side bar) and then select "Add shared folder or mailbox."

BYUI Outlook

3. In the popup, enter the shared email.

Add shared folder

4. Click "Add"


5. You will now be able to view both your personal byui email and the shared email in the left hand menu

In the Outlook app, you may need to expand the "Shared with me" section to see the email you just added.

Outlook menu

If you are on the Outlook website, the shared email will be below "Search Folders".

Outlook web menu

6. If you do not have access to the email, the email will show up in your side menu, but then show the below error when it is clicked on. You will need to talk to your supervisor about getting access.

Can't complete your request

How to Send Emails from a Shared Email Address

1. Click "New Mail" in the top left

New Mail

2. In the "From" section, open the drop down menu and click "Other email address"

From dropdown

3. Type in the email address you want your email sent from

enter email

Old Outlook desktop Client

When opening Outlook for the first time:

1. You will be prompted to enter the email you wish to use. Enter and select Next

2. After about 30 seconds, a dialog box will pop-up. When prompted to enter credentials, enter and your password. Do not forget to check the box that says Remember my credentials before selecting OK  or pressing  Enter  on your keyboard. 

If you already have an account in Outlook, but want to add a second account/email:


1. Select the  File menu. 


2. Select Add Account

add account

3. Enter the address of the account you want to access, then select  Connect


4. After about 30 seconds, a dialog box will pop-up. When prompted to enter credentials, enter and your password. Do not forget to check the box that says Remember my credentials before selecting OK or pressing Enter on your keyboard. 

microsoft outlook


1. Select the Tools menu.


2. Select Accounts.


3. Click the + icon at the bottom left corner. Select New Account.

new account

4. Enter the address of the account you want to access, then select Continue.


5. A dialog box will appear. When prompted, enter your username and password for your BYU-Idaho account, then select Login.

byui login

6. A box will appear notifying that your account has been opened.



In order to access a department email on your mobile device, you will need to input the mailbox URL directly into your browser. Use (where mailbox is the actual name of the mailbox you are trying to access). 

 Department emails cannot be accessed through mobile email clients such as iOS Mail or Outlook.

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