Why Do We Need 2-Factor Authentication?

To understand why we need 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), we first need to understand what 2FA is helping to protect. 

Why do we need 2FA?

The rationale behind this is simple but powerful: requiring 2FA for students to log in better protects student information. Unfortunately, we live in a world where more and more people can access your private information and use it for going places they shouldn't (like your bank account). Because your account information can be accessed from both on-campus and off, we protect it more than our other on-campus systems. With 2FA, we are able to add an extra step to that process which makes it easier for you to keep track of who, when, and even where someone logs in to your account. Since the authentication process is linked to your phone, you alone give permission for someone to log in to your account to be accessed. If you have lost your phone or got a new one, check out the article I Lost My Phone, or I Got a New Phone.

If you're worried authenticating is going to be a crazy complicated process, don't be. Simply log in to your BYU-Idaho account and follow the prompts to authenticate into your account. So don't freak out. By using 2FA, you are responsibly safeguarding your account.

Check out the video link below to learn more:

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