Non-BYUI Scholarships

What is a Non-BYUI Scholarship?

Non-BYUI scholarships are offered through private, outside agencies that are not related to BYU-Idaho (ie. private companies or organizations, banks or credit unions, etc.).

Finding These Scholarships

Scholarship Universe

BYU-Idaho has partnered with Scholarship Universe to match you with private scholarships for FREE. You can use your BYU-Idaho login information to create your profile and start matching. To access Scholarship Universe, see Private Scholarships.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

There are many other non-BYUI scholarships you can search for online. Application, deadlines and requirements vary, so be aware of the specific requirements for each scholarship. You will want to apply for these scholarships as soon as possible as many deadlines are early in the year.


Avoiding Scams

The Department of Education has provided some basic guidelines and tips for students who are applying for scholarships, as well as information on how to avoid scams.

Applying a Non-BYUI Scholarship to my Student Charges

Once you are offered a scholarship, have your offering agency send a check made out to "BYU-Idaho" to the address below. Be sure they include your name, I-number, and a letter specifying the term(s) the scholarship is intended for and any eligibility requirements (such as minimum number or credit enrollment or minimum GPA).
Scholarship mailing address:  
BYU-Idaho Cashier's Office
Outside Scholarships
525 S Center St.
Rexburg, ID 83460-1625
Once BYU-Idaho receives your scholarship, it generally take between 10-14 days for the scholarship to show up on your student portal.


I am an Online Student. What options are there for me?
  • Non-BYUI Aid is available for both campus and online students. Please see Non-BYU-Idaho Aid for more information!

Can Pathway Scholarships(Heber J. Grant) transfer to BYU-Idaho?

  • Heber J. Grant Scholarships cannot be transferred to BYU-Idaho. For more information contact us
My scholarship was sent to BYU-Idaho but I'm transferring to another school. What should I do?
  • Let us know immediately that you are transferring schools by sending an email to Then, contact your scholarship agency and let them know you are transferring to a different school. Usually, the agency will issue a new check for the other school once we have returned your scholarship.
What if I was offered a scholarship and am serving a full-time mission?
  • BYU-Idaho does not hold scholarships funds while students are serving missions. Contact your agency and let them know you will be serving a mission; usually they can hold your scholarship until you return.
  • If the funds were already sent to BYU-Idaho, email to let us know so the scholarship can be returned to the offering agency.

What happens to my scholarship if I defer or withdraw?

  • If you were eligible for the scholarship at the time it was released to your student account, you can usually keep the funds. However, if your scholarship agency requests to have the money returned, you will need to return the funds to your student account so we can then return the scholarship to your scholarship agency. For additional questions, email
I dropped a few credits, what will happen to my offer?
  • If your scholarship agency had specified a minimum number of credits you have to be enrolled in, they may request to have the money returned. But if you met all the requirements to receive the scholarship the day the funds released to you, then you can keep the funds.
Can my scholarship split between two semesters?
  • BYU-Idaho will split a NON-BYUI scholarship if the scholarship agency specifies the funds need to be split, or if the agency states the funds need to be offered to the "Academic Year."
Can I use full scholarship in one semester OR move it to a different semester?
  • To offer your entire scholarship to a single semester or have the funds moved to a different semester, your agency needs to email stating they authorize the proposed adjustment. Without written information, we cannot make changes. Once we do receive permission from the agency, it takes 2-3 business days for the change to appear on your financial aid portal.
Why was my scholarship returned?
Your scholarship may have been returned for any of the following reasons:
  • You did not meet the eligibility requirements specified by your scholarship agency, such as being enrolled in a minimum number of credits or maintaining a minimum GPA.
  • Your scholarship agency contacted our office requesting the funds be returned.
  • You are going to serve a mission and will therefore not attend the semester(s) for which your scholarship was offered.
**We will NOT offer Non-BYUI scholarships intended for future school years. Please communicate with your scholarship agency and arrange for your scholarship to be sent to the school no earlier than a few months before the start of term(s) for which the funds are intended.
What if the agency needs information from BYU-Idaho?
  • If the agency sent a form, please complete your section of the form that authorizes the Financial Aid Office to release your information (if applicable). Then email the form to
What if the agency said they sent the money to the school, but I don't see a scholarship offered in my financial aid portal?
  • Please verify that the scholarship agency sent the check to the mailing address above with your correct name and I-number listed. Then, find out what date it was mailed. (Scholarship check can take up to 14 days to process once received.)
  • If it has been more than 14 days since the check should have been received, contact the Cashier's Office to see if they have your scholarship and are preparing it for processing.
  • If the Cashier's Office has not received the check, it may be lost in the mail. You should request the agency cancel the lost check and send a new one.

How come I have a scholarship on my student portal, but I haven't received the money yet?

  • Non-BYUI scholarship DO NOT release to your student account before the start of the term. They are usually released within the first couple weeks of the semester. If your scholarship does not released within this time, it may be due to one or both of the following:
  • You are not enrolled in enough credits to be eligible to receive the scholarship funds.
  • You are not meeting other eligibility requirements set by your scholarship agency.
For additional questions not shown here, please email
For recent questions in regards to Finances, see Finances Questions.
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