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What is a deferment?

  • A deferment is a temporary change placed on a student's account which allows a student to skip an on-track semester.
  • Deferred students will not lose their admitted status.  

When is a deferment needed? 

  • Campus Students who cannot attend an on-track semester need to submit a deferment request at Deferment Options to keep their admitted status. Once your request is submitted, you should hear from the Admissions Office within 3 business days. 
    • Deferments are not needed for flex-track or Summer Session. 
    • If you withdraw completely from school during an on-track semester and received W grades in all classes, you will need to defer to keep your admitted status.
    • If you registered for and complete any credit on your on-track,you do not need a deferment. 
  • Online Students can take two consecutive semesters off without needing to defer (including your first semester). To take a third semester off, you would need to request a deferment at Deferment Options.

How are deferment requests granted for domestic and international students? 

  • For domestic students, deferments are granted on a case-by-case basis, however, a domestic student’s first deferment is available upon request, regardless of circumstances. 
  • For international students, deferments are granted by the International Services office. If an international student is interested in a deferment, they must direct their inquiries to the International Services office. 

When can I begin the deferment process? 

  • Typically you can begin the process one semester prior to the semester chosen. 
  • To begin the request, see Deferment Options 
  • Deferment deadline is dependent on the Academic Deadline for the semester you are deferring.

Note: Once a deferment or deferred semester is over, the system should automatically allow you to register for future semesters and keep your assigned track.

Can I get a second a deferment?

You can receive a second deferment if your first deferment was a missionary deferment and not consecutively. Contact the Admissions Office to verify if you are able to get a second deferment. You can contact them at 208-496-1411, chat on the BYU-Idaho page or email them at

International Students

If you are a campus international student who is interested in a deferment, you must meet the following immigration requirements to be eligible: 

  • Have an F-1 or J-1 visa 
  • Be fully enrolled in classes for two consecutive semesters (not including Summer Session) 

Deferring a Semester or Requesting Fewer Credits for a Semester

  • If this is your first deferment follow these steps: 
  1. Log in to Sunapsis with your BYUI credentials.
  2. Submit the Annual Break Request e-form.
  3. International Service will review your eligibility and, if approved, further information will be sent to your campus email.

For additional questions contact International Services at (208) 496-1320 or email for assistance.

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