Deferments and Overrides


What is a deferment?

  • A deferment allows a student to skip a semester they were expected to attend at BYU-Idaho without losing their admitted status. 

When is a deferment needed? 

  • Campus Students who cannot attend an on-track semester need to submit a deferment request at Deferment Options to keep their admitted status. Once your request is submitted, you should hear from the Admissions Office within 3 business days. 
    • Deferments are not needed for flex-track or Summer Session. 
    • If you withdraw completely from school during an on track semester and received W grades in all classes, you will need to defer to keep your admitted status.
    • If you registered for a single class on your on-track, they do not need a deferment. 
  • Online Students can take two consecutive semesters off without needing to defer (including your first semester). To take a third semester off, you would need to request a deferment at Deferment Options 

How long does it take for the deferment request to be processed? 

  • For domestic students, it's usually an immediate acceptance 
  • For International Students, the process can sometimes take a bit longer since it has to be requested through first. 

When can I begin the deferment process? 

  • Typically you can begin the process one semester prior to the semester chosen. 
  • To begin the request, see Deferment Options 

Note: Once a deferment or deferred semester is over the system should automatically allow you to register for future semesters and keep your assigned track.


What is an override? 

  • It allows a student to attend on-campus classes during a flex semester.   
  • It does not change a student’s track; the student will still be expected to attend their on-track semesters. 

What is Fast grad Override?  

  • A Fast Grad override is a special permission to attend your flex track semester. The Fast Grad program offers students the opportunity to graduate faster by attending BYU-Idaho year-round. Students who meet the criteria are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to discuss their eligibility for Fast Grad. For more information on the Fast Grad program, please go to Fast Grad.

When is a override needed for Campus Students? 

  • It is needed when campus students want to take on campus classes during a flex semester
  • It is not needed if a campus student wants to take online classes during their flex track. 

How long does it take for the override request to be processed? 

  • If the student is eligible for an override, a confirmation email will be sent to them by the Admissions Office within 1-3 business days informing them that the override has been placed on their account.   
  • If the student is not eligible for an override, they will receive an error message on the form explaining their ineligibility.  

When can I begin the override process? 

  • Any campus student can override for their flex semester. 
  • The latest an override can be placed is before the last date a student can register for classes for that semester. 
  • A student can submit an override request through the Override Request Form. 
  • Students with overrides can register according to the normal registration date that is based on completed and in progress credit amount. 

International Students

International Students (F-1/J-1) who are fully enrolled according to immigration requirements for two consecutive semesters (excluding Summer Session) are eligible to apply for a deferment. 

Deferring a Semester or Requesting Fewer Credits for a Semester

  • If this is your first deferment follow these steps: 
  1. Log in to  Sunapsis with your BYUI credentials.
  2. Submit the Annual Break Request e-form
  3. International Service will review your eligibility and, if approved, further information shall be email to you.

For additional questions contact International Services at (208) 496-1320 or email for assistance.

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