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Auxiliary Services Engineering

This is for Auxiliary Services IT

CRM Email Approvals

Request to approve email addresses for users in Dynamics CRM.

IT Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on the Information Technology website. Your feedback is valuable to us and we strive to provide you with the best technology experience.

IT Service Catalog Request

Request changes to an existing service catalog item or request a new service catalog service.

Online Learning HR System - OSM Issues

Online Operations will use this to create a ticket that will go directly to Enterprise Application - Online Learning HR System. OSM.

Single Sign On Integration Request

This is to request an Integration with SSO and another site.

Software Engineering - Bug Fix and Support

Request support or a bug fix concerning one of BYU-Idaho's internally developed systems, such as MY BYUI, iSeries Development, or the housing system.

IT Help

Please use this form to request help from the IT Service Desk team. For the fastest service during normal business hours (7:30 AM-8 PM, M-F), please call the IT Service Desk at 208-496-1411. Otherwise, feel free to request help through this form.