My Recently Visited Services

Request support for Office 365 issues and new service requests for Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc...

Request help with issues that need to be escalated to the Equella Admin, including user additions and removals.

Basic phone requests and/or request repairs, changes, or additions to your desktop phone, Call Center phones or fax line.

Request more space on your network drive.

Request the addition, change or removal or a Domain Name System.

Request changes to a server, including changing the name, refreshing, or adding more disk space, CPU, or memory.

This service is used to find course participation for a student.The requestor is set as SRR Registration.

Request an SSL certificate, which are used to encrypt data.

Request that a server/VM be shut down and deleted, and the DNS records and firewall rules removed.

Request the creation, migration, change to, or refresh of a database.

Online Operations will use this to create a ticket that will go directly to Enterprise Application - Online Learning HR System. OSM.

Request access to BYU-Idaho's VPN.

Request remote desktop access to either a server or desktop on campus.

Request support for any device that is located in a classroom, lab, or conference room.

Report any of your I-Learn Issues

Request support or a bug fix concerning one of BYU-Idaho's internally developed systems, such as MY BYUI, iSeries Development, or the housing system.

Request that the data hosted on your server be copied to a backup location.

Request changes to the existing firewall or URL web filtering for the campus.

Request a jack to be activated or moved.

Request new integrations from Workday to different campus systems or reports regarding your employee’s information.

Request a fix with any incident relating to Workday.

Request to build a new server.

Request a map or other type of GIS development.

Request to restore data that is backed up by the Platform Services department.

Request support with a computer located in a classroom or lab.