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BYU-Idaho Username/Account

• Active Directory Request
• Request support for your BYU-Idaho account login.
• Guest Account Request

BYU-Idaho Email Account

• Email
• Messaging
• Role & Access Management

CX Account Requests

• CX Account Request
• CX Account Disable

IT System Accounts

• Role Changes
• iSeries Account Requests
• Mailbox & Identity Management

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Feith Delete User Account

Please specify the name and username of the feith user you would like deleted.

Feith Disable User account

Please specify the name and username of the Feith user that you would like to be disabled.

IT Help

Please use this form to request help from the IT Service Desk team. For the fastest service during normal business hours (7:30 AM-8 PM, M-F), please call the IT Service Desk at 208-496-9009. Otherwise, feel free to request help through this form.