My rule isn't functioning properly

If you created a new rule, and it is not functioning the way you wanted it to, here are a few suggestions.

1. Check to make sure the rule you made doesn't contain any mistakes like a misspelled word or incorrectly selected action.

2. Refresh your Outlook page.

3. Log out of Outlook and log back in again.

4. If you use the web-based Outlook (where it appears as a tab on whatever Internet browser you use), having the rule apply to messages already in your inbox does not work. After you have created the rule, any new mail that comes in will function properly. If the immediate functionality of the rule is important, download the desktop version of Outlook and take a look at your rules there. The desktop version of Outlook functions normally for messages already in the inbox.

For more help visit BYU-Idaho's Yammer community for Microsoft Outlook Users.

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