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Request a fix with any incident relating to Workday.

Please use this form to request help from the IT Service Desk team. For the fastest service during normal business hours (7:30 AM-8 PM, M-F), please call the IT Service Desk at 208-496-9009. Otherwise, feel free to request help through this form.

• Remote Phone • Jabber
• Soft Phone

Request an SSL certificate, which are used to encrypt data.

This request is for identifying issues with the Final Grade Submit tool.

Request new software in a lab or request an update to software already installed in a lab.

This is to request a computer system set up for a new full time employee at BYU-Idaho.

Request new integrations from Workday to different campus systems or reports regarding your employee’s information.

Report any of your I-Learn Issues

Request help for Pathway Degree-Planner API Issues.

Request help for issues with I-Plan or Grad Plan.

Request support on BYU-Idaho wireless connection.

Request support for Microsoft 365 issues and new service requests for Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc...

Please specify the name and username of the feith user you would like deleted.

Please specify the name and username of the Feith user that you would like to be disabled.

I-Plan design change/update request form.

Place a request for a used computer or device (Trickle computer/device).

Request support with a computer located in a classroom or lab.

Request the creation or change a shared mailbox, existing role, file share, or mailbox.

Basic phone requests and/or request repairs, changes, or additions to your desktop phone, Call Center phones or fax line.

Request support for any device that is located in a classroom, lab, or conference room.

Request that the data hosted on your server be copied to a backup location.

Use this form to
- Request a new jack
- Request service on an existing jack
- Disable a jack