Duo Setup for New Pathway Worldwide Users

This document will guide you through setting up Duo for your Pathway account at BYU-Idaho. 

1. Go to secure.byui.edu and click on the BYU-Pathway Worldwide Login. 

Login page

2. Sign in with your church account, which should be the account you used to apply for school and register for classes.   

2a. Put in your church username. 

Church sign in

2b. Put in your password. 

Church sign in

3. Duo will now guide you through your Duo configuration. 

4. Press next. 

Welcome to Duo Security

5. Press next. 

Data breach statistics

6. On the selection screen, choose Duo Mobile.

We highly recommend using the Duo Mobile app. Only use the phone number option in cases where you can not download the  Duo Mobile app, such as with an older smartphone. For this guide, we are using Duo Mobile.  

Other options to log in

7. Enter your phone number: 

Enter your phone number

8. Verify your phone number. 

Is this your phone number?

9. A verification passcode will be sent to your phone.  

Passcode sent

10. Enter the verification code and press verify.  

Verify passcode

11. Download and install Duo Mobile. Once you install  Duo Mobile, please open it and set your phone aside. Now on your computer’s browser, click next. 

If your phone is outdated, you might be unable to download Duo mobile from the App Store or Google Play. You must call the service desk to set up a bypass code by visiting https://www.byui.edu/login-help. Alternatively, if you are skilled with computers, you can ask for instructions on side-load Duo Mobile from Duo’s APK repository.  

Download Duo Mobile

12. A QR code like the one below will be on your browser’s screen. In the Duo Mobile App, click add, then use the QR code. Scan the QR code. Alternatively, use the get activation link to add the code manually.  

Scan this code in Duo Mobile

13. The QR code will change to a green checkmark verifying you’ve successfully added your account.  

Green checkmark

14. Press continue. 

Added Duo Mobile

15. Click skip. 

Add another way to log in?

16. Click Log in with Duo 

Setup completed!

17. Log in using the option that best suits your needs. 

For most users, Duo Push will be the most secure and convenient option and is recommended by BYU-Idaho.  

If your network connection is unreliable, we recommend Duo Mobile passcode as it does not require network or cell towers.  

For devices that cannot download the Duo Mobile app the text, phone, and bypass codes options are provided. Bypass codes may be needed if phone systems are intermittent in your area. If you need help, please contact the IT Service desk through the login help webpage at https://www.byui.edu/information-technology/

For more information on using the different Login options, see the Duo Universal Prompt Login Options section in the Duo setup guide. 

Other options to log in

18. Your Duo setup is complete if you see the successful login screen. 

Log In Successful


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