Office 365 FAQs

At its core, Office 365 is a subscription service that ensures you always have the most updated tools from Microsoft.  

Included with a Subscription to Office 365

  • The latest Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, with the ability to install them on up to 5 personal devices (PCs, Macs, tablets, phones). 
  • Access to Office Online apps from any browser in any location worldwide, using your campus credentials. 
  • 1 terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive for Business. 
  • Other tools for enterprise users that compare with industry-leading offerings, such as: 
    • Delve: compare with "Pinterest" 
    • Planner: compare with "Trello" 
    • Teams: compare with "Slack" 
    • Yammer: compare with "Facebook" 

How Do I Sign In?

If you already have Office 365 installed, take advantage of all of the products by signing in with your BYUI account. 

  • If there is no account linked yet:
    1. Go to the "Sign In" option on the top right of the document 
    2. Enter your BYUI email
    3. You will need to authenticate on the page, which may include authentication with Duo
  • If there is an account already open:
    1. Go to "File"
    2. Go to "Account" on the bottom left of the screen
    3. Locate your personal account and sign out of it
    4. Sign in with your BYUI account using your BYUI email
 Although Office 365 allows you to simply "Sign in with a different account," we recommend only having the BYUI account linked at one time, as sometimes having multiple accounts can create errors or malfunctions.

What Versions of Office are Available?

Office 365 is available through BYUI to download or use online. It includes Office applications that you are familiar with—like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel—plus extra online storage and more. Employees and students are eligible for downloading Office 365. Visit the Downloading & Installing Microsoft Office 365 for Free for more information. 

Office 2019 and Office 2021 also used to be available through BYUI as a one-time purchase. However they are no longer offered. If you have previously purchased Office 2019 or 2021, you can continue to access them with your product key. If you have lost your product key, contact IT to get help recovering it.


More Information

  • Watch an introductory video from Microsoft.  
  • Sign up for the Office 365 Group on Yammer so that you can subscribe to the Tip of the Day and engage in conversations with other interested users. 
  • Contact the BYU-Idaho Office 365 Team through the I.T. Service Desk at (208) 496-1411 or the Live Chat bubble. 

For more help visit BYU-Idaho's Yammer community for Microsoft 365 Users.

Contact Us

If you still need help, call us at (208) 496-9009 or start a Live Chat with us.

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