Setting Up Jabber

This article is for downloading and logging in to Cisco Jabber. To learn more about Cisco Jabber and how to use it, follow this link

With the desktop app

 The following steps were taken from a Mac; however, the steps should be identical on any desktop computer.

1. Download Cisco Jabber from the following webpage:

2. Open the Cisco Jabber app. 

3. Enter your BYU-Idaho email address in the Email box, then click Continue

4. Enter your BYU-Idaho username (not your BYU-Idaho email address) into the Username box and your BYU-Idaho password in the Password box. Then click Sign In.  

5. The Cisco Jabber home window will pop up, and you are ready to get started. 

You are now set up and signed in with Cisco Jabber on your desktop.  


With the mobile app

 The following steps were taken from an iPhone; however, the steps should be identical on any smartphone.

1. Download the Cisco Jabber app from your device‚Äôs app store. 

2. Once downloaded, open the app.  

3. Read the terms, and agree by tapping Accept

4. Read the welcome messages, and swipe left until you reach the final message. Tap Get Started Now

5. Enter your BYU-Idaho email address into the Email box, then tap Continue

6. In the Username box, type your BYU-Idaho username (not your email address). Type your BYU-Idaho password in the Password box. Then tap Sign In.  

7. Tap OK to allow notifications. 

8. Tap DONE after you have read the notification to continue.  

You are now set up and signed in with Cisco Jabber on your mobile device.  

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