I Didn’t Get an SMS Text or a Phone Call

This article provides possible causes and solutions if you do not receive a code when you choose to authenticate via text message.  

An SMS Text or Phone Call

Problems receiving text passcodes or authentication verification from Duo could be due to one of the following factors: 

Weak cellular connection

Make sure that your cell phone connection is strong. If your cellular connection is weak, find a place where you have a better connection. If you are using a smart phone, you may be able to improve your cellular data connection by turning Airplane Mode on and off. This will reset the connection and then you will be able to receive the authentication text.   

Check your phone connection

If you have chosen a mobile phone, then make sure that the phone network connection is strong. You need to have connection in order to receive the call. If you are using a landline, make sure that your phone is connected as well.   

Problem with your device

If your phone connection is good, but you still don’t receive a text, there might be a problem with your device.  

  1. Access your DUO account by logging in your BYUI account. Check this article for more information. 
  2. Go to Manage Devices.   
  3. Verify that the phone number that you entered is the correct one.   

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