Syncing OneDrive

OneDrive is a file storage service that allows users to sync, share, and access files from multiple locations. The version used by BYU-Idaho, called OneDrive for Business, offers one terabyte (TB) of online storage space that can be accessed from multiple devices, from any location, and on any browser. To learn more about accessing OneDrive, see the Accessing OneDrive article. 

 If at any time Microsoft OneDrive asks you to choose between establishing a “Personal” and a “Work or School” account, select Work or School for storing your work- or school-related documents. To learn more about the difference between a “Personal” and “Work or School” OneDrive account, check out the article about Using OneDrive for Business and Personal Use.

For Mac

1. Visit the tutorial Sync files with the OneDrive sync client in Mac

2. Throughout the tutorial, whenever you are prompted to enter your email address, enter your username followed by

3. When a window with the BYU-Idaho login page pops up, enter your BYU-Idaho credentials. 

 Microsoft OneDrive will then walk you through some basic set up steps. If you want to change the location of your OneDrive folder, you can do so during the set-up process, or you can do it later.

At the end of the set-up process you should be able to see OneDrive – BYU-Idaho both as a folder and in the list of folders on the left-hand bar.

4. In step 3 of the tutorial (Install and set up: If you already have an account signed into OneDrive), enter your BYU-Idaho username followed by

 For more specific instruction on how to transfer (i.e. sync; upload) H: Drive files to OneDrive, see Transferring Files to OneDrive.


For Windows

1. Open the OneDrive app from the Start menu. 

 If you have a version older than Windows 10, you can download the OneDrive app at 

2. Log in with your university username followed by

3. You will be directed to the University's log in page. Sign in with your credentials. 

4. Finish setting up by reading the short tutorial and clicking Next


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