Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I share a recording from Zoom?

You are able to share videos with a link or through embed code. Please refer to this help guide for more information on how to do this in MyMedia in Canvas.

  1. Where do I find the recording in Zoom?

Zoom recordings are stored in Kaltura and can be accessed through MyMedia within Canvas. Please refer to this help guide for more information regarding MyMedia in Canvas.

  1. How long does it take for a recording to show up in MyMedia from Zoom?

It can take up to 1 hour for a recording to show up in your account. If not, you can reach out to support at (208) 496-1411.

  1. Can I submit a recording from Zoom in Canvas for an assignment?

Yes. You just need to get share the URL or use the tool within Canvas to embed it in your text box. Please refer to this help guide for more information regarding assignments submissions in Canvas.

  1. Why should I login with single sign-on for Zoom?

Each student is provided a full-access courtesy license with features such as increased security, deep integration, better accessibility, and longer meetings. Please use this account to ensure an optimal experience in Zoom and MyMedia.

  1. Do browser extensions work with Zoom and MyMedia?

Some extensions may prevent you from accessing MyMedia from within Canvas. If you are experiencing problems with MyMedia, try accessing it with the extensions turned off or in an incognito session.

  1. Are there any conflicts with antivirus software with Zoom and MyMedia?

Some antivirus software prevents 3rd party cookies which are required by MyMedia to work correctly in Canvas. You will need to work with your antivirus software support to allow cookies to work with their software.

  1. What could happen if I get a virus or malware?

This can prevent Canvas, MyMedia, or Zoom from working correctly. You would need to remove the virus or malware to verify if it’s the reason it’s not working.


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