Conference Room A/V (Bring Your Own Device)

 Important: this room requires software to connect to the A/V technology 

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The IT department is rolling out changes to conference rooms across campus, which includes a new audio/video setup intended to improve simplicity and ease of use for employees. Most conference rooms employ either an AirMedia, Zoom Room, or even a combined setup and has a touch panel for user controls. The new setup no longer requires the touch panel and is a simple plug and play (PnP) setup. With this new setup comes a different ways to connect and allows users to connect both wired and wirelessly. This article covers how to connect to the projector/TV and/or speakers in the newly converted conference rooms using DisplayLink (required for wired connection) and AirMedia (required for wireless connection). Please note: this only applies to newly converted conference rooms and is also available for schedule-able rooms. 

How to Connect

Wired (requires DisplayLink software)

To connect with the provided cable, the user will need to use the DisplayLink application on their device. If the device doesn't already have DisplayLink, the software will need to be installedbefore connecting to the conference room. To install the DisplayLink application, click the download button below for your operating system.

DisplayLink Download

Windows  macOS

Once downloaded and installed, simply connect the provided USB cable into the user's device. The provided cable connects to both USB-A and USB-C ports (as long as the cable has the included USB adapter connected, if the adapter is missing it will need to be replaced). Once connected, the device should automatically display to the TV/Projector. The provided USB cable also automatically supplies a wired internet connection, which should enable the device to quickly connect to the web. 

For more information on how to use DisplayLink, please visit:

Wireless (requires AirMedia software

To connect wirelessly, the user will need to use the AirMedia application on their device. On the projector or TV screen, in the bottom, left-hand corner, there should be a URL under the "Present Using Wireless" screen. In your browser, type the Visit web address in your search bar. After hitting enter and visiting that webpage, a prompt to download and launch the application will appear. Follow those on-screen prompts and enter the provided four digit Code. Please note, the four digit code will change on the screen, so be sure to check the code each time you connect. 

This is an example of the "Present Using Wireless" message on the TV/Projector

For more information on how to use AirMedia, please visit:

Changing Audio/Visual Devices

When connecting to the audio/visual devices in the conference room, it's important to pay close attention to the input/output connections on the device. The system should auto-detect those outputs, however there may be times it simply does not. In cases it doesn't, go to the settings on the device or application and ensure the "receiver" listed in the download/install prompt is the selected. 


If there are issues connecting, using, or displaying any of the audio/visual systems in the conference room, scan or click the QR code below:

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