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BYU-Idaho has spent a lot of time and energy removing technological barriers for our students and employees. The IT department is committed to: "Simplification" and putting  "People-First." Having said that, we spend time simplifying your experience by looking at your experience with our tools, systems, and software. You are important to us. So every decision we make is grounded on the premise of how it impacts our customers. In the process, we have strategically designed your logging experience at BYU-Idaho to be quick, simple, and convenient. The following FAQs will help answer common questions customers have about their experience "logging out" of their BYUI accounts. 


Where is the "logout" button for my BYUI account? 

You've probably been wondering this for a while. And the simple answer is: there is no logout button. We've purposely designed our websites to exclude this option. Therefore, in most cases, you just won't see one. 


Why is there no "logout" button?

Another common, but great question! The reason there is no "logout" button is strategically explained by the customer experience we've architected. We put your ease, simplicity, and efficiency in using all BYUI tools and software at the top of our priorities. In order to accomplish this principle, IT engineers have designed what's commonly called a "Single Sign On" (aka, SSO), authentication service. In other words, if you login once on a webpage, any other browser tab or window which requires a BYUI username and password won't require our customer to sign-in again; hence "single sign-on." Sign in once, and you're done—at least until you quit and close your browser. Closing your browser automatically logs you out of all BYUI websites. 


What if I still want to "log out?" Can I still log out? 

IT engineers have again taken your experience into consideration. Therefore, yes, there is a way you can still log out of your account. It's just not as readily available or commonly known. Having said that here is how you log out:

Please note: once you click that logout link any BYUI webpage will no longer work, since you're now signed out of all active sessions which have required you to sign in. 

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