iSeries for Student Employees

Requesting Access

 If someone needs access to iSeries for the first time or needs an account created, only a supervisor can submit a request for it. 

1. The supervisor needs to go to his/her employee tab on

2. Scroll to the bottom to where it says "Online Training"

3. Then, click the link that says "Supervisor Approval for Access to Special Systems"

4. This will take the supervisor to the log in page where they access the actual request form

Reminders when requesting for iSeries:
1. Only a supervisor can submit a request.
2. When the supervisor signs into the request website, remind them that if the I-Number of the person they are looking up in that system has 0s in the beginning, don't put them in (e.g., if the I-Number reads 000567832, they would only have to type  in the 567832)

Accessing & Setting Up iSeries

After receiving access, the student employee can only access iSeries through VDI.

To access VDI, go to: 

1. Select the following:

2. Log in with your BYUI network login, just like logging on to a campus computer.

3. Select the following: 

4. After a short time, you will be presented with a Windows 10 Desktop.   

5. Double click on the following icon. ​​​​​​


6. You may see the following screen. You will have to pull the scroll bar on the right side all the way down till the Agree button is no longer grayed out. Then press the "Agree" button. 

7. Select from the drop down menu. 

8. Then click on 5250 Emulator. 

9. Your IBM i (iSeries) session will show. Now enter your IBM i User ID and Password.  (First-time users must have this set up either by their department or through Scott Wright)


If someone is unable to request access or had issues during the request access process, create a ticket and send it to Blake Grover (Tier 3).

When someone already has access to an iSeries account and needs help with any of the following, create a ticket and send it to Scott Wright (Tier 3).

  • Password Reset
  • Removing Account
  • Re-enabling Account
  • Program is not working, or it breaks down

If someone is unable to install iSeries and you've walked them through the steps above, create a ticket and send it to Dean Hall (Tier 3).

Make sure to always document the tickets with as much information on the issue as possible and previous troubleshooting steps you have tried. Include screenshots.


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