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What is the difference between OneDrive - Personal and OneDrive - BYU-Idaho?

  • OneDrive - Personal is free online personal storage that you get with either a Microsoft personal account or with
  • OneDrive - BYU-Idaho is online storage that you get with your Microsoft Work/School account ( intended for business/school purposes. 
  • Your OneDrive - BYU-Idaho provided by the University is also referenced to as your "BYU-Idaho OneDrive" and "OneDrive".

To learn more about the differences between OneDrive - Personal and OneDrive - BYU-Idaho, please visit this article.

Why won’t my document save to OneDrive?

Documents will not save to OneDrive if the file name contains invalid characters, is too large, or if it is a blocked file type. There are additional reasons but these are the most common. To see all restrictions and limitations please visit this article.


What information should I enter to log in to my OneDrive

You should enter your BYU-Idaho username plus (Ex. or your BYU-Idaho e-mail address (Ex. 


Should I choose the Microsoft Account (Personal Account) or the Work or School Account?

Always choose the Work (or Work/School) Account if you want to access your BYU-Idaho OneDrive.


Is OneDrive a secure place to store content?

Yes. OneDrive is secured by your BYU-Idaho credentials and is therefore protected information that is kept private. Microsoft also safeguards your data in the cloud. To learn more about how your information is protected by Microsoft, visit this article.


Is OneDrive encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted using TLS encryption both on the servers and in transit. Also, threat management, security monitoring, and file/data integrity prevents or detects any tampering of data. To learn more about how your information is protected by Microsoft, visit this article.


Can I back up my entire system to OneDrive?

No. There are some file types that are not able to be stored in OneDrive. However, your BYU-Idaho OneDrive may be a good place to store your important files while you are transitioning to a newer machine. But please keep in mind that you should double and triple check your files have uploaded to OneDrive correctly before giving up or clearing out your old machine.  Also remember that it is a good practice to keep copies of your data elsewhere like an external storage drive.


  1. LOCATION ONE: on your work/school computer
  2. LOCATION TWO: OneDrive
  3. LOCATION THREE: on an external drive, another cloud service, etc.

How do I know how much space has been used on my OneDrive account?

Please visit Microsoft's article to learn how to manage your storage space in OneDrive.


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