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Academic Success and Tutoring are essential for the success of our students. Here are the services we offer:

All tutoring services are available to all enrolled BYU-I students for free. Failure to attend your tutoring session may result in a fee. 


Resources Information
Academic Placement & Transition
  • Academic Placement & Transition is a unique program at BYU-Idaho which is based on the belief that all admitted students can succeed.
  • It is composed of carefully designed math, English, and college success courses to help bridge the gaps that many students have when they enter BYU-Idaho for the first time. 
  • WebsiteAcademic Placement & Transition
English Transitional Center (ETC)
  • The English Transitional Center (ETC) is designed to help students who have English as a Second Language (ESL) adjust to their role as matriculated college students.
  • Credited classes include English 108, 109, and others.
  • Website: English Transitional Center (ETC)
Math Study Center
  • The Math Study Center is always charged with energy and offers appointments or drop-in help for any of your math conundrums.
  • WebsiteMath Study Center
Presentation Practice Center
  • The Presentation Practice Center is here to help you polish your presentations. From slide design to overcoming the jitters, this is your place. Visit I-Plan to schedule an appointment
  • WebsitePresentation Practice Center
Reading Center
  • The Reading Center is home to the “Study Buddy” program where you can sign-up to meet anywhere from 1–3 times each week throughout the semester.
  • The same tutor who will not only help you with homework, but will also teach you the “play book” behind the course work (test-taking tips, time and self-management strategies, how to get better organized, textbook reading helps, and more) and guide you to the right resources for you on campus.
  • Website: Reading Center
Study Skills Center
  • The Study Skills Center not only provides a study assessment and helps, but this is also where you go to sign-up for credited (.5 – 2) study modules for 1st or 2nd block.
  • Topics include Concentration & Memorization, Note-Taking & Listening, Critical Thinking, etc.
  • Website: Study Skills Center
Tutoring Center
  • The Tutoring Center is a great place to get help with your classes. There are in-person and online tutoring help available.
  • Appointments can be scheduled in I-Plan. Like all campus offices, they are closed for Devotionals and Forum Hour. If there is not a tutor available the Tutoring Center will try to find one for you. 
  • Website: Tutoring Center
Volunteer Tutoring & Drop-In Labs
  • When you need that extra bit of help now in subjects from Russian to Physics, get the help you need fast through student volunteers, or if you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity on campus to help your fellow students and you’re slick smart, get involved today.
  • WebsiteVolunteer Tutoring & Drop-In Labs.

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