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Academic Support Centers are essential for the success of our students. Here are the services we offer:

Academic Transitions

Academic Transitions is a unique program at BYU-Idaho which is based on the belief that all admitted students can succeed. It is composed of carefully designed math, English, and college success courses to help bridge the gaps that many students have when they enter BYU-Idaho for the first time.

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is a great place to get help with your classes. There are in-person, online, and video tutoring help available. Appointments can be scheduled in I-Plan. Like all campus offices, they are closed for Devotionals and Forum Hour. If there is not a tutor available the Tutoring Center will try to find one for you. 

Writing Center

The BYU-Idaho Writing Center is your “go to place” for in person or online help with improving your writing.

Reading Center

The Reading Center is home to the “Study Buddy” program where you can sign-up to meet anywhere from 1–3 times each week throughout the semester with the same tutor who will not only help you with homework, but will also teach you the “play book” behind the course work (test-taking tips, time and self-management strategies, how to get better organized, textbook reading helps, and more) and guide you to the right resources for you on campus.

Presentation Practice Center

The Presentation Practice Center is here to help you polish your presentations. From slide design to overcoming the jitters, this is your place. Visit I-Plan to schedule an appointment.

Math Center

The Math Center is always charged with energy and offers appointments or drop-in help for any of your math conundrums.

Study Skills Center

The Study Skills Center not only provides a study assessment and helps, but this is also where you go to sign-up for credited (.5 – 2) study modules for 1st or 2nd block. Topics include Concentration & Memorization, Note-Taking & Listening, Critical Thinking, etc.

English Transitional Center(ETC)

The English Transitional Center(ETC) is designed to help students who have English as a Second Language (ESL) adjust to their role as matriculated college students. Credited classes include English 108, 109, and others.

Volunteer Tutoring & Drop-In Labs

When you need that extra bit of help now in subjects from Russian to Physics, get the help you need fast through student volunteers, or if you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity on campus to help your fellow students and you’re slick smart, get involved today. For more information, see Volunteer Tutoring & Drop-In Labs.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising will help you choose a major, map out a graduation plan, use I-Plan, or prepare for a career at this website.

Internship and Career Services Office

The Internship and Career Services Office is a great place to go for getting help with finding internships, building a resume, and receiving career help and advice.

For more information about Academic Success, see Academic Support Centers.

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