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BYU-Idaho Transcript
Question: How do I order a BYU-Idaho transcript?
Answer: To order a transcript, visit Order a BYU-Idaho Transcript and select the button that says "Order Official Transcript". 

Student Charges
Question: What if I have questions about specific charges on my BYU-I account?
Answer: You are able to view your student charge history on your BYU-Idaho account. Please refer to Viewing Charges in Your Student Account for a walk-through on how to view your history.
If you still have questions after viewing your history...

Question: What is an override?

Answer: Please see Deferments and Overrides. An override is given case-by-case to a student by the Admissions office. It allows a student to register for on campus courses during their flex semester. To request an override, please fill out the Override Request Form. Please note that an override is not needed for Online Students. They are allowed to take classes every semester. 

Meet With Advisor
How can I meet with an academic advisor?

Answer: Great question! If you are an online student in a major from 2017 or before, or you are an on campus student, you can set up your own appointment to meet with an advisor through I-Plan. See how to schedule an appointment.  For online students in a major after 2017 please fill out the BYU-Pathway Advising Form.

Deferment Deadlines
Question: What is the deadline to request a deferment for each semester?
Answer: For more information on Academic deadlines, please see the current year's Academic Deadlines. You can select the specific semester at the top of the page and see the respective deadline. In order to submit a deferment form see Deferment Options. Good luck! 

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