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Withdrawing from BYU-I
Question: How do I withdraw completely from school?
Answer: If you are considering withdrawing from BYU-Idaho, please contact the Admissions Office at (208) 496-1411 for instructions and to discuss your options. BYU-Idaho would like to be aware of your updated status to prevent further emails and notifications from being sent to you. 

Question: How can I get a deferment? 
Answer: For a list of deferment options available as well as the requirements for each, please refer to Deferment Options. You can also review the article Deferments and Overrides for more questions.

Class Planning
Question: How do I know which classes to take?
Answer: You can use the Graduation Planner to plan your classes but you can also schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by contacting BYU-Idaho.

Second Deferment
Question: Can I get a second a deferment? I had one when I was on my mission. 
Answer: You certainly can receive a second deferment if your first deferment was a missionary deferment and not consecutively. It would be best to contact the Admissions Office to verify you are able to get that second deferment. You can contact them at 208-496-1411, chat on the BYU-Idaho page or email them at

Student Health Plan
Question: Who can I contact for Student Health Plan-related questions?​​​​​​​
Answer: For questions regarding the Student Health Plan, visit Student Health Plan or reach out to the Student Health Center at (208) 496-9330.​​​​​​​

Password Reset
Question: How can I reset my BYU-Idaho password?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Answer: Please refer to the Changing Your BYU-Idaho Password technology help guide. If you still need assistance, please contact IT.

Tax Forms
Question: How do I get my tax forms, and when will they be available? ​​​​​​​
Answer: If you are a student looking for your 1098-T that provides information about educational expenses that may qualify you for education-related tax credits, see Getting Your 1098-T Form. If you are an employee looking for your W-2 tax forms that are payroll related, see Viewing / Printing Your W-2 Online. If you are a Canadian student looking for your TL11A (which is similar to the 1098-T form), see Requesting a TL11A (Canadian Tax Form). You should be able to access the Online version of your 1098-T forms by Feb. 1st each year, with the physical copies being mailed out yearly by Jan. 31st.

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