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Request support with a computer located in a classroom or lab.

Request support for any device that is located in a classroom, lab, or conference room.

Please use this request form any additional classroom needed hardware

This is to request a computer system set up for a new full time employee at BYU-Idaho.

Request a virtual desktop instance.

Place a request for a used computer or device (Trickle computer/device).

-This form is for church leaders to report issues to BYUI IT department such as internet connectivity, printer, or classroom issues.

Please complete the following form to request an additional computer monitor for your workstation.

Request installation of DSN (Digital Signage Network) display on campus. Was CVN Campus Video Network

Request support on a printing machine on-campus.

Request access to BYU-Idaho's VPN.

• Microsoft Visio Licenses
• Microsoft Project Licenses

Based on your yes/no answer to various questions, additional dropdown questions will appear below.