Computer Lab Software Update Policy

Nov 1, 2021

Lab Software Update Policy

During the software image build process we work to understand what each faculties needs are and make sure that is reflected in the image. Lab images are built with the intent they should last a full year. We ask all faculty requesting software on an image inspect the image to ensure the proper software is installed, and working as needed for class.

There are several challenges in updating images during the semester –

  • Staffing resources to do the work
  • Prioritizing against other requests
  • Lab schedules limiting availability of the lab
  • Potential of introducing a “bug” into a working lab, and disabling the lab


Requests to update or add software to labs will be guided by these parameters.

  1. Software updates are not done during the year, but are updated and installed at the time the image is built.
  2. In those cases where an update can’t wait for the image build, it will be scheduled to be deployed during a semester break. This can sometimes be limited based on time of request and other work scheduled.  It is normal for work requests during break to exceed time & resources available, for that reason requests should be made 6 weeks before the end of the semester. In those cases, work will be prioritized based on when the request is received, and impact to students.
  3. In cases where not doing the update impacts curriculum by creating a stoppage of work those requests will be evaluated and resolved on a case-by-case basis.  The academic department will need to provide a maintenance window where the lab is free of all use, to complete the work.


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