Final Grade Submit

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Product: Final Grade Submit

Product Name

Final Grade Submit
Vendors description of the product
The grade submits tool allows instructors to view the final grades and adjust the grades, if needed, before submitting. It submits the (adjusted) grades to the SIS system but does not update the LMS with any adjusted grades – LMS and SIS system may not have the same grade value. Once grades are submitted the SIS system is the source of truth.
Requester intended use of the product. What will the tool accomplish? What benefits to the university, students, others?

The primary functions of the tool are: 

  • The tool Ensure submitted grades are legal grade values for the SIS. 

  • Allow instructors to declare what the final grade should be for each student. 

  • Allow instructors to declare participation of failing grades. 

ASE Product Report Card
Product Report Card URL
Installation Type
Only one will apply
  • Approved - Campus
  • Approved - Online
  • Approved - Campus & Online
  • Semi Approved - Individual only 

Tool Information

Communication Path
Communication paths for product changes and emergencies,…
  • When do the owner, stakeholders, employees and students need to be notified?
  • Path for back end issue - upgrades, bugs, ...
  • Path for Interface issue - upgrades, bugs, ...
  • Emergencies (major, minor)

The process for incident/maintenance communication for I-Learn products and the roles of portfolio managers and system owners is highlighted in the IT Incident Management and IT Change Management documents which are linked here.  


Academic VP’s and associate VP’s, Campus and Online Portfolio Managers – this group will decide if it needs to be communicated to campus and online. 

BYUI Lead Developer and manager responsible to the product. 

Product Owner
The person who can make the ultimate decisions for the product - funding, road map, vision, governance and retirement.
  • Please include name, email, phone, job title.

JoAnna Bradshaw 

(208) 496-1031 

Operations Manager Student Records and Registration

A person or group of people who have an interest in the product and its success. Can influence product decisions. Are impacted (directly or indirectly) by the product. e.g. requester, department, developer, ASE, portfolio manager, product manager
  • Please include name, email, phone, job title.


  • I-Learn Governance Council 

    Mike Wegner (Portfolio Manager Online) 

    (208) 496-7250  

  • Kent Barrus (Portfolio Management Managing Director) 

    (208) 496-7205 

  • Dean Allen (Product Manager) 

    (208) 496-7211 

  • Eric Karl (Curriculum Development Managing Director) 

    (208) 496-7610 

  • Alan Young (Online Learning Managing Director) 

    (208) 496-1851 

  • David Ashby (Director of Learning Innovation & Technology) 

    (208) 496-1536 

  • Rob Eaton (Associate Academic Vice President for Learning and Teaching) 

    (208) 496-1135 

  • Matt Anderson (Curriculum Development Director) 

    (208) 496-7221 

  • Corey Moore (LMS Coordinator) 

    (208) 496-1525 

  • Arlen Wilcock (Academic Technology Manager) 

    (208) 496-7216 

  • Jed Rhien (University Communication Strategy Coordinator) 

    (208) 496-2002 

  • Brad Barson (Online Training Coordinator) 

    (208) 496-1884 

  • Dane Bohman (Application Systems Engineer) 

    (208) 496-7217 

  • Ben Wilson (Online Technologies Researcher) 

    (208) 496-1550 

  • Amber Gneiting (Application Systems Engineer) 

    (208) 496-7015 

  • Josh Mckinney (Development Coordinator) 

    (208) 496-1534 

  • Becki Lyn Skidmore (Contracting & Supplier Relationship Manager) 

    (208) 496-2350


Platform Services Director  

ASE List: 

  • Dane Bohman - / 208-496-7217 

  • Ben Wilson - / 208-496-1550 

  • Amber Gneiting - / 208-496-7015

Director, Software Engineering 

Portfolio Management  

Academics Product Manager 

  • Dean Allen - 496-7211

Who will use the product? (campus, online, pathway, Ensign, employees - more specific like - nursing students, specific department or course(s))
Online, Campus


  • Purchaser and requester information - name, email, phone
  • Licensing (description of the license agreement - site license, per user, per computer, ...)
  • How is the license renewed?
  • Next renewal date?
  • When should this product be reviewed again for purpose and outcome? Usually, this happens every 3-5 years.
  • BYUI Purchasing Agent  - name, email, phone

Licensing Contract (How many licenses were purchased for the product?) 

  • This is an in-house development, so we have unlimited use. 

Who is the contract contact? (Purchasing Department) 


What is the technology use cap of this product? 


  • Product documentation (URL)
  • Support and/or training documentation (URL)
  • ASE - maintenance needs and yearly maintenance estimate
  • Any custom code developed? (where can it be found)
  • Is this ADA compliant (URL to their official vendor statement)
  • Other

April 2, 2019 

  • What will it take to get this tool completed? 

Reproducible bugs with the exception of performance complaints from the Fall 2018 semester will be addressed. A new development cycle will be scheduled for after Brightspace is no longer used. Inter CES enrollment bugs and workflow may not be addressed leaving manual steps to submit and retrieve grades. Complete checklist on the definition of the done tab. This code is frozen until the fall semester - 

  • Additional resources needed: Cody needs to remain as a backup for support and development of this tool

  • Give description of all data and how it interacts with the university systems.
  • List all university systems used.
  • Installation instructions - URL or direction how to find the instructions.
  • Who is responsible for installation - please include email, phone, job title.
  • D2L and Canvas grade data (Student names, enrollments, inumbers, grades) to the web app 

  • OSM, CRM, CX student enrollment, teacher enrollment and section information to the web app  

  • Grade information from web app to CX 


Push Destination 

  • CX   

  • CRM 

Pull Source 

  • Canvas  

  • User Input

Vendor Information

Product Name Custom Tool
Product URL 
Company Name BYUI

Vendor Account/Sales Rep
Please include Name, email, phone, job title.

Director, Sofware Engineering  

  • Doug Conway (208) 496-7056

Lead Developer  

  • Dan Gordon

Vendor Support Rep
Please include Name, email, phone, job title.



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